In the U.S., ongoing debate — 11 or 10 aircraft carriers

In the U.S., ongoing debate - 11 or 10 aircraft carriers
In the U.S., the debate continues, many carriers have in the Navy, reported February 20.
In a statement, the Pentagon said that the budget in 2015, «most of the decisions are already made, some under consideration.» The essence of the matter is whether the Navy to continue to maintain the number of carriers at 11 units.
Many analysts believe that the yield can be found in reducing the number of carriers that will allow better finance the construction of other ships and submarines. The question of decommissioning of the aircraft carrier USS George Washington (CVN 73), which will soon be in need of refueling nuclear fuel. This procedure is performed in the midst of the current cycle of the ship (25 years after the adoption of the fleet), then the carrier should last another 25 years (in the general difficulties 50 years). The U.S. government gave to understand that and will continue to adhere to the number of 11 aircraft carriers as part of the Navy, but the issue is still debated in the Pentagon.
According to sources close to the U.S. Department of Defense, to refuel aircraft carrier and maintain their combat capability in 2015 will need 4 billion U.S. dollars.
Some experts have a positive attitude to, to reduce the number of ships of this class up to 10 units. Cato Institute (Washington) Ben Friedman (Ben Friedman) believes that reducing the number of operational aircraft carriers will allow to equalize the costs between the various classes of ships and submarines. «The idea is, that the right approach to the financing of the Navy, which will allow to reduce the number of aircraft carriers,» said the expert.
On the other hand, some analysts and lawmakers urge to continue to maintain the number of carriers at 11 units, and are reminded that in 1980 their number reached as part of the Navy 15. Admiral Tom Moore (Tom Moore), responsible for the construction of Ford class aircraft carriers , believes that «aircraft carriers, no doubt, are not cheap, but also saying that they give more opportunities for U.S. national security around the world.» In his view, carriers play an important role to perform humanitarian missions, as it was during the disaster in Haiti in 2008 and to support ground troops in combat situations, such as the Afghan campaign.

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