Incredibly fast UFO over Denver, USA.

In early November, the network has a video in which a resident of Denver showed a lot of them filmed a UFO, which could be seen in slow-motion playback, as the speed of their flight was too high. Then I ignored the news, since these objects are explicitly considered a natural origin, but now the public as new information and even video with this man on the local news channel. Moreover, this time the presence of a UFO in the skies of America confirmed and journalists were with ufologist-amateurs!
Waiting for your opinion on what he saw

Skeptics who do not believe in the existence of the higher civilizations of the cosmos, watching humanity and regularly visiting our planet, thrown another challenge. In the U.S., captured on video landing an unidentified flying object. Similar clips on the Internet weight, but the situation with the new video complicated by the fact that the truth of his words confirmed the author's local journalists to see firsthand that a UFO flying over American soil with enviable regularity.

It all started with the fact that the editors TV FOX 31, a resident of Colorado brought a videotape made by him in a suburb of Denver. The video captures panoramic view of the city on a clear sunny day and nothing else, but slow motion became evident some object spinning in the frame. The object moved across the sky is a bit messy, but very quickly, and eventually lost sight of the frame at the point where the surface began. Probably due to insufficient contrast its outlines become indistinguishable. But it is also possible that the flying object landing.

Invited channel expert on aviation could not identify the object, saying only that it is clearly not a plane, not a helicopter or other man-made aircraft. It would seem that there are other explanations: optical illusion, interfere with the matrix of a digital camera, so who knows what else. The same expert suggested that the object could be a kind of fragment, raised in the sky by the wind.

But all these versions denied by the video, saying that such a picture he watches at least twice a week for the past few months. And always there is a UFO in the interval between noon and one o'clock in the day. If so, television journalists decided to check the word amateur video and went to the place from which he was recording. Put the camera and in the afternoon included a record. And later, watching video footage hour, dumbfounded: their record, too, was the same UFO and quickly swept over the city and the "landing" somewhere on its outskirts.



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