India: Scientists explore the moons surface




The head of the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) Madhavan Nair said that the station "Chandrayaan-1", which is due to orbit the moon in 2008, can be equipped with a detachable device for landing on the surface of the Earth's satellite.

Madhavan Nair told reporters that work to create an unmanned station for a flight to the moon go according to schedule. According to him, the installation of the lander weighing 20 kg would not require large expenditures.

Nair added that the main objective of "Chandrayaan-1" is the study of the chemical composition and topography of the moon with a 100-kilometer orbit. The lander is designed to help produce maps of the lunar surface.

ISRO Chairman said that at present there is no question about the creation of manned spacecraft to the moon. "This expedition will cost ten times more expensive than launching an unmanned station and therefore requires careful consideration," — he said. The total cost of the project "Chandrayaan-1" up to 82 billion dollars.

Battery News, 23/12/2004 12:18
Source: MIGnews

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