Insomnia causes billion damage

Employees who suffer from sleep disorders, harm your health and cause financial harm to the employer, say scientists

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Employees who suffer from sleep disorders, cause direct financial loss to the employer, the scientists believe. For losses that are caused by loss of productivity, add the cost of treatment of insomnia, as well as the costs of compensation accidents committed by drowsy drivers.

Only American business insomnia costs $ 60 billion a year, according to a professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, Robert Stickgold, a published author of the study. Often suffer from insomnia knowledge workers, businessmen and financiers confident scientist. The result is a low work capacity, lack of concentration, confusion thinking and long-term depression.

Insomnia is harmful to health, doctors believe. The sleeping less than five hours a night increases the risk of diabetes by half, heart attack — by 45%, and death from other causes — by 12%. Increased by one-third the risk of increased weight gain.

Doctors believe that a lack of sleep leads to cancer, hormonal imbalance, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, irregular heart function, vision loss, decreased immunity, irritability and symptoms of schizophrenia. "Those who sleep enough, sooner or later turn into fat, sick and stupid" — said Robert Stickgold, generalizing the results of the study.

Drowsy and can be a direct cause of injury or death. According to U.S. insurance companies, only the injuries sustained by people sleeping on the move cost the year at $ 2.5 million. A French police released data on which every tenth of an accident on the roads caused by sleepy drivers.

According to scientists, a man who had not slept for 21 hours, the effectiveness of the work can be compared with a drunken officer. Specialists are sure to sleep at least seven — eight hours a day, sleeping with no later than 22:00. However, the need for sleep each person individually, and assess whether he sleeps only from psychological and physical condition.

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