Installation span overpass in Sochi

The reconstruction of the transport hub in Sochi. March 26 have been fully assembled spans a second rail overpass passing over the street Gagarin.


The purpose of the reconstruction of the transport hub — the extension of the road from two to four lanes and sidewalks safe device regulatory width. Old railway viaduct was too short — 16 yards and did not allow to expand the roadway.

In this regard, the NGO "Mostovik", the general contractor and the designer object, proposed the construction of a new transport object. It consists of two parallel viaducts standing at 56 meters long, separate for each direction of movement of trains.

Old viaduct was dismantled, made the transfer of communication from a construction site in the total exported for recycling 4,500 cubic meters of soil and 2,500 cubic meters of concrete scrap. Conducted in phases construction of each of the two overpasses. Achieved base unit supports — 40 bored piles with a diameter of 1200 mm and a depth of 24 m Built 10 monolithic pillars that provide vertical clearance 5.25 m, which will be allowed through almost any kind of transport. Mounted concrete spans two central span length of 16.5 m and a wing — to 9 m

The work was organized in such a way that the railroad did not stop its operation. While there was the dismantling and reconstruction of one of the parallel viaducts, the second act normally. This is extremely important for the Sochi as Gagarin overpass — the only railway line that provides delivery of goods for the Olympic construction and movement of passenger trains.
March 25 and 26 "Mostovik" held a final operation on the construction of superstructures. Leaders of the railway builders provided 19-hour window — a break in traffic on the adjacent, have already entered into service overpass. To ensure the safety of vehicular and pedestrian part of the street was blocked by Gagarin.

"In this period of time using a 200-ton crane was raised, mounted on bearings and mounted eight concrete beams of the total weight of 350 tons. At the facility remains to service bridges, perform device of rail, paving and landscape the area of communication. By the beginning of the holiday season, the railway viaduct will be open — commented foreman SMU number 6 NGO "Mostovik" Maxim pup. — In early April, we will proceed directly to the reconstruction of the street Gagarin. Reconstruction to be part of the road at the intersection with the street Tchaikovsky area of about 3,000 sq.m. The width of the carriageway in both directions of motion will be 9 meters and width of sidewalks — at 3 meters. "

Customer overpass construction: GU KK "Krasnodaravtodor."

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