International airport Southern


In 2012, in the south of Russia will begin construction of a hub airport.

Promising "docking" airport complex will be capable of carrying up to 8 million passengers a year.

Its location in a defined area in Aksai district Hrushevskoho rural settlement. The hub will be located between Rostov and Novocherkassk along the federal highway M-4 "Don". Here are the vast farmlands that do not affect residential construction.

The new venue will design two runways of 4200 meters in length, making them suitable for landing heavy widebody Airbus, which will carry fans to the matches of the World Cup in Rostov in 2018.

In the provincial Ministry of Transportation is considered today the renewal of intra-regional air transport services that were stopped with the collapse of the Soviet Union.

The current airport south of the capital will be closed, and its territory will depart for housing development. This will create a multiplier effect on the release of major urban areas for development projects, capacity building and loading of the city.

Currently, the existing airport is located within the Rostov and its runway is too short for the reception of large aircraft.

Already under consideration for the future installation of special railway line hub for intermodal transport from the main railway station in Rostov.

By the way

The project has been around for several years and during that time has undergone several changes. Originally it was supposed to start building at the former military airfield Yeisky flight school Bataisk.

Then the intention to place South hub at the airport on the basis of the Krasnodar Kuban authorities expressed Paszkowski.

The total amount of the project is 25 billion rubles, of which nine billion will come from the federal and one billion — from the regional budgets.

The rest is going to take the investor. Closing of the project is scheduled for 2015.

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