International cargo traffic in the Emelyanovo has grown by almost 50% in 2012

The outcome of the operator's maintenance of cargo "Interport" turnover airport "Emelyanovo" for 2012 increased compared to 2011 by 18%. In this process of international cargo compared to the previous year increased by 45%, and domestic — by 7%.

In just one year at the airport was served almost 20,000 tons of cargo and mail (19,876 tons). Of these, 12,817 tons — is Russia's internal cargo and 7,059 tons — international cargo.

Most of the cargo in 2012, was taken to the baggage holds of passenger aircraft — 12,702 tons, cargo airlines transported 7,173 tons of cargo, which is 64% of the total turnover of the Krasnoyarsk air hub in the first case and 36% — in the second. However, if we compare with 2011, the flow of goods from cargo airlines grew by 48%, and from passenger — 5%.

In addition, after the introduction of technology hubs at the airport in November and December 2012 were processed 445 tons of transfer cargo airline AirBridgeCargo.

"The growth in turnover" Emelyanovo "in 2012 due to several reasons: first, the airport has increased the number of flights operated by cargo airline AirBridgeCargo, — its traffic for the year increased by 51%, and secondly, were launched hub operations, and Third, have your fair share of passenger carriers. Unfortunately in the development of the Krasnoyarsk hub are not involved foreign companies that are so far from our country can not obtain commercial rights to the performance of air cargo. then be processed in a figure "Emelyanovo" Goods for the year would have been much more, "- said Igor Katalevsky, president of the management company" Interport ".

The successful cooperation of many passenger airlines with the Krasnoyarsk airport has made it possible to significantly increase cargo traffic for 2012, for example, the growth of cargo volume of "Aviation company" Transaero "was 59% for the year, from JSC" Airline "Taimyr" — 32% of JSC " STC "Russia" — 30% of OJSC "Airline" UTair "- 15%.

2012 showed a positive trend of volume indicators. If you save this trend in the coming year freight operator "Interport" to "Emelyanovo" plans to serve more than 25,000 tons of cargo and mail with the transfer of cargo. The current capacity of the cargo complex "Interport" in Krasnoyarsk is over 55,000 tons of cargo per year.

"Management Company" Interport "was created to consolidate and control of airport assets of the holding company" Interros "and the group of companies" Kratos ":

Ltd. "Rusport" — operator of cargo complex at the airport "Sheremetyevo". The joint venture of "Sheremetyevo International Airport", the holding company "Interros" group of companies "Kratos" and the airline AirBridgeCargo.

Ltd. "Airport" Moscow "- one of the largest ground handling air cargo and mail in Russia. Company based at the airport" Sheremetyevo ", a modern terminal complex, equipped with the latest special purpose vehicles, equipment and technology.

Ltd. "Cargo Complex Sheremetyevo" — an enterprise which is engaged in the implementation of projects of construction and operation of infrastructure cargo complex at the airport "Sheremetyevo". With the introduction of the transfer warehouse and building a new cargo terminal total warehouse and office space cargo complex will be about 40,000 sq.m.

Ltd. "Siberia Cargo Service" — the operator handling and storage in Krasnoyarsk airport "Emelyanovo" which operates one of the largest in Siberia and the Far East cargo terminal that meets all current safety requirements modal storage and quality of services. Cargo Complex, located in the territory of 23,000 square meters. m, includes warehouse and office premises with a total area of 10,300 square meters. m

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