International competition on aquarium design IAPLC won the first European.

For 10 years in Japan held an international competition aquascaping — the art of making emotional, changing landscapes in the aquarium. To find out which design aquarium is better and who is the most skilled landscape designer (akvaskeyper) in the underwater world, the event annually attracts mainly representatives of Asian countries: Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Vietnam, Malaysia and Korea.
Never prizes are awarded to Europeans or Americans.

Solid prize milyon yen
But we wanted a change —
For ten years — alas!
Asia was the only prizes:

Japan, Vietnam, Taiwan …
Their philosophy, yin and yang,
Like, can not understand the Slavs —
Grand Prix to be flawless!

But here was ten years old,
We have prepared an answer:
In a moment the situation corrected
Russian guy — Paul Boutin!

Eyes widened the Japanese —
Pine forest and a ray of sunshine …
At once qualified jury
Said: "Pash Grand Prix take it!"

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