International Culture Forum in Ulyanovsk

The exhibition of German artist Sigmar Polke has opened a cultural program of the International Forum of Culture in Ulyanovsk.

This exhibition is a project of the Goethe Institute in Moscow and held in Ulyanovsk in the week of the Russian-German cultural dialogue, as well as the Year of Germany in Russia. Visitors will be until November 16, after which the paintings of German artist leave the Ulyanovsk.



Unusual artist representative postmodern Sigmar Polke through his paintings appealed to the mind of man. Head of the center for the revival and development of national cultures Nuria Turkova believes that the exhibition will be especially interesting for people who reflect on the meaning of life.

According to the deputy director of the Museum of Art for Science Louise Bayur, Sigmar Polke could also be the perfect "absurdist writer." Non-standard signature to the pictures speak for themselves — each of which captures the whole situation: some resemble newspaper clippings, some are philosophical speculations, some even give us advice.

In addition to the literary talent in the artist's passion still lies in alchemy, which allowed him to turn pictures into true self-developing organism.


It should be noted that the opening of the exhibition was the beginning of two major cultural events taking place this fall in the Ulyanovsk region — the International Cultural Forum "Culture and Development" and II of the International Assembly of artists "Plastovskaya fall."




 Recall, the cultural program of the Forum will continue 10 days, and within the residents and visitors of Ulyanovsk also offers other interesting exhibition projects — an exhibition of contemporary art, the exhibition is a famous Soviet and Russian artist, President of the Russian Academy of Arts Zurab Tsereteli, the exhibition of the International Assembly of artists "Plastovskaya Fall ", an exhibition of contemporary art photographer from St. Petersburg, working in the style of lightgraffiri, Michael Churkin.




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