International Day of spontaneous acts of kindness

February 17 marked an unusual holiday — Day of spontaneous acts of kindness (Random Acts of Kindness Day). The initiative of the festival offered international charities.

Day of spontaneous acts of kindness have global significance. It is celebrated, regardless of nationality, ethnicity and religion. However, this still little known holiday in our country.

The festival organizers call on that day to be kind to each other. However, the kindness of this should be selfless. Kindness should bring pleasure to the person. If a man takes her from the heart and does not wait for her reward — it is this kindness.

Nowadays, people are concerned about their own problems, often held by other people's problems until they touch themselves. However, there are still people for whom "disinterested assistance," "mercy" and "compassion" — is not an empty sound, and their sense of life.


When my soul God created,

Easy rhyme and tact its polished.

Since then, I tender prose and verse

Severe heart warmed with kindness.

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