International Exhibition in Cannes brought Kuban 85.4 billion rubles of investments

The outcome of the delegation of Krasnodar Krai on the international real estate exhibition MIPIM-2013 were 46 agreements with Russian and foreign partners for a total amount of 2.1 billion euros.

Of these, the regional administration signed five agreements for a total of 25.3 billion rubles ($ 626.9 million), the press service of the regional development ministry startegicheskogo. 


Municipalities and executive authorities of Krasnodar region have signed 41 agreements worth more than 60 billion rubles (1.5 billion euros).


Among the most ambitious — agreement with ERDF East, a subsidiary of the largest French Electricity Distribution Company ERDF. The investor is willing to cooperate with the region in the implementation of programs and projects in the field of energy conservation, as well as the creation and development of small power in the Krasnodar Territory.


Also expressed its willingness to assist in attracting investment for projects in the Krasnodar Territory Company "Trefin Advisory."


The company "HCP Arquitectos Asociados SL" from Spain is ready to cooperate with the Krasnodar Territory in the development of architectural design with the use of advanced technologies in this field.


A company from Italy "Reggia Hotels Srl" intends to facilitate the introduction of the Krasnodar Territory Italian experience in the field of hotel management.


Group of companies "Don pier" is going to invest 1.1 billion rubles (over 27.2 million) in the construction of affordable housing Novorossiysk complex with all necessary infrastructure.


As a result of the agreement signed in Cannes solid investments — 9.3 billion rubles ($ 230.9 million) will be made in the reconstruction of Gelendzhik seaport, which will be transformed into a modern port and resort with a yacht club and marina with 200 seats. Also, there will be a hotel, shopping and entertainment, and concert and exhibition centers, conference hall, SPA area with a fitness center, restaurant, car park and beach club.


Intention to continue to cooperate with the Krasnodar Territory has also confirmed the company "ribbon." One of the largest Russian retailers willing to invest 200 million rubles (over 4.9 million) in the construction of the Kuban another hypermarket under its own brand.


In turn, the company "Seven-ju-Seven" will invest over 334 million rubles (over 8.3 million) in the expansion of trade and service Audi car center in the city of Krasnodar.


Solid investments will be made in the creation of objects on the tracks of the Kuban modern roadside service. This was stated by Lukoil-Yugnefteprodukt "and" Southern circle. "


Companies send these goals, respectively, 600 million rubles (over 14.8 million) and 610 million (15.1 million euros).


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