International exhibition Keramsib-2011 has become a platform full conversation about the priorities of the industry

In Novosibirsk, from 14 to 16 September The III International Scientific and Practical Conference and Exhibition "Keramsib-2011." The exhibition was attended by representatives of 18 research institutes, 12 universities, 56 Russian industrial enterprises and associations.
The idea of the conference is owned HC of "NEVZ-Soyuz", which conducts similar forums for the third year. At this time the conference has received international status — it involves scientists and businessmen from Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Hungary, Slovenia. Forum has become a business platform, focused on the exchange of information on scientific, technical and industrial experience in applying technology using nanoparticles, as well as to draw attention to the latest domestic developments. Here, in the walls of the conference, was signed key for NEVZ project with RUSNANO.
Under the "Keramsib-2011", a series of "round tables", the participants were presented more than one hundred scientific papers on the basic theme of "Modern ceramic materials. Properties. Technology. The use of "as well as on many other important issues of one of the most advanced and fastest growing sectors of the economy.
Diverse world of ceramics. So much so that the average person is not even aware that his daily activities almost entirely associated with the ceramic (nanostructured) products. Getting up in the morning and padded slippers in the kitchen, we take tea with a ceramic heating element, type in the water directly from the tap, in which there is a ceramic plug, and then the familiar movement Sui sandwich in the microwave — the citadel of ceramic technology.

This list is endless, as the pottery is now firmly in the everyday life, settling in home appliances, electronics, and a host of other things that it's hard to suspect the origins of ceramic. In addition, this material is increasingly in medicine, industry and defense sector of the economy. Scope of application of modern ceramics perfectly traced in the names of the five sections of the conference:
"Functional Ceramics"
"Nanotechnology in nanoceramics"
"Ceramics for the electronics and electrical industry"
The international focus of regional work
Similar results — the fruit of consistent, strategically and tactically balanced work in the region.
"Our task — to promote business development, using advanced technology — said the governor Vasily Yurchenko. — That is why the program of innovation development of the industry of the Novosibirsk region aimed at achieving concrete results. "
The conference was preceded by a significant event: preliminary negotiations between the Government of the Novosibirsk region, the state corporation "RUSNANO" and the Novosibirsk means of an electrical plant ("NEVZ-Union") to establish a major venture capital fund, whose main task will be the active development of specific projects in the field of nano-structured products, in particular and ceramic.
For the first time since acute and complex raised the question of the organization of the production of ceramics for special applications. In the context of the Novosibirsk region holds what is called the crest, fueled by several factors: the flagship of the industry involved holding company "NEVZ-Soyuz" connected research institutes of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences and specialized small businesses. As a result, the line can be seen from idea to final commercial result. Such activities, in turn, very aptly focused not only on the Russian market, but also to the foreign — the demand for such products in the world today is huge.
Frame by frame
"Keramsib-2011" was the venue for the panel discussion "Power. Science. Business. Vocational education. "
Alexei Hasanov, Engineer of the Department of nanomaterials and nanotechnology Tomsk Polytechnic University, proudly displays small — 2 to 2 centimeters — a flat hexagon. No special explanation is impossible to understand his emotions — the disc is unremarkable in appearance.
"This is an example bronekeramiki developed at our university — says Alexey Hasanov. — The material is superior steel counterparts in almost everything: more quality, more lightweight (less than two times!), More durable. But most importantly — our know-how lies in the significant reduction of energy consumption in the production: the material is created at very high temperatures, which we were able to reduce by one third, which is very significantly reduces the cost of the final product. "
Research Alexei Hasanov — a bright example of successful solutions for the staffing issue a booming industry best, because today it is almost ready to specialist nano-structured materials. As a graduate student, he has been actively involved in real projects of the corporation "RUSNANO", together with colleagues working with the Novosibirsk "NEVZ-Union." The importance of such training, the need to prepare them understand, perhaps, all the parties concerned:
"The Government of the Novosibirsk region has concluded with the State Corporation" RUSNANO "master agreement for the training of specialists for this dynamic industry, — said Boris Ivlev. — I note that the pilot project, and the right mover, we know we must be able to win, because it needs not just a burning desire to go on the warpath, but requires a certain set of status criteria for justified to be the first in a new way. "
As for the training, "nanokadrov," it will be done in two flagships of Education — Novosibirsk State University and Novosibirsk State Technical University. Choice of educational institutions for the training of such specialists is not accidental: both university in the very recent past, won the competition for the title of the research universities, were impressive financing, part of which was aimed at the acquisition of modern equipment for the training of specialists in the fields of nanomikroelektroniki (NSTU) and modern (including including nano) materials (NSU).
Unfortunately, as a preparatory base of students, practically from the first course is "headhunting" on the part of foreign companies that are starting to look closely to future professionals, trying to pull the them in their nets. Therefore, it is important today to create the conditions for self-realization of these guys, and this is possible only in conditions where the manufacturing base and adequately tightened operating time for research. It was then that can be reasonably hoped that a major technological breakthrough is imminent. In addition, it was finally the realization that the days of "exchange of experience" are long gone. In the sense that sharing these — "standing" — the secrets of today, no one will, and therefore need as intensive clusters to create advanced new innovation economy.
Joints own production
According to the project NEVZ approved "RUSNANO", here is planned to expand the existing business and the creation of a new one. Today the plant out of the oven ceramic insulators various applications — from those used in the energy sector, to insulators for night vision (here we NEVZ almost 90 percent of the Russian market and plans to enter overseas). In the new production, except for cases of substrates and LEDs will produce armored ceramic plate, wear-resistant components for valves in the oil and gas industry, as well as BioCeramics — dental implants, hip and spine elements.
"The total budget of the project is 1.5 billion rubles. Of course, this is an ambitious project. To participate in it are involved in research institutes and organizations of medical profile — Novosibirsk Research Institute of Traumatology and Or
thopedics (NIITO), the foreign company. They are our partners in the development of new ceramic materials. In general, will create around 350 additional jobs. This will create two new workshops, — says Director for Economics and Finance Holding JSC "NEVZ-Soyuz" Oleg Medvedko. — Say bronekeramika — a promising product that will replace the existing bronestali to more promising materials. As for the medical ceramics, here we are planning to go the way of import substitution, which is today in the domestic market for more than 90 percent. "
The plans of the authors of the project to create a cheaper implants under the same technical specifications as foreign, and even better. This will significantly reduce the cost of consumers. If the hip implant in the import version is 120-150 thousand rubles in Russian — 50000. To imagine the scale of the problem, let us note that all the implantation of hip joints only in Novosibirsk is two thousand people.
"The use of ceramics in modern medicine — actual direction. Today in Novosibirsk, a unique scientific and technical platform that enables the development of new medical products based on nanoceramics and then launch them into production. Now implants for the spine, which we practically prepared for production, are transferred to the medical tests. I'm afraid to admit, but almost for the first time in the world created designs mezhstvolovyh spine implants, "- said the executive director of medical technology HC of" NEVZ-Soyuz "Anatoly Aronov.
Hip implant Novosibirsk production is planned to start in 2013, when they completed the necessary clinical trials. And doctors will be able to do more operations within the limits dispensed.
At the head of the corner — Business
According to the agreement of the Government of the Novosibirsk region and JSC "RUSNANO" in the region, except for the new ceramic production project will be financed several projects worth 22.4 billion rubles.
"For comparison, in Western Siberia RUSNANO finances projects worth 44-45 billion rubles. That is, the lion's share to the territory of the Novosibirsk region and our developers. Moreover, we are in third place after Moscow and St. Petersburg. This suggests the potential of which is owned by area — says the director of a regional fund to promote venture capital investment in small enterprises in scientific and technical sphere Boris Ivlev. — Issues related to the organization of ceramic production, which is headed "NEVZ-Union", are important for our area. With these developments, by the Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences, we are on the crest of the research. "
As part of the agreement between the Government of RUSNANO and the first stage of a monitoring: what developments there are in the region in which they stage and who will be a consumer product that is close to release. Among the other items considered to be an important training that must keep pace with the times, so the number of projects involved Novosibirsk universities. At that RUSNANO is famous for rigid approach to the assessment of both the projects and activities for their implementation.
"We should not forget that this money is not intended for research and business development, which is put at the forefront of every project — continues Boris Ivlev. — Unfortunately, we can not psychologically adjust to this style: investment projects brought to a certain level, should in the future to enter the venture capital investment. "
According to the statement of Boris Ivlev, in the Novosibirsk region with the participation of RUSNANO and foreign partners will create a major venture capital fund. The main objective of this structure will be the elimination of long-term projects to international markets. What is the management company of the fund is likely to be foreign organization with experience in similar work and able to invest their own assets — about 750 million rubles. The general fund budget will amount to 1.5 billion rubles. Most of the funds — seventy percent — will go to the modernization of enterprises, the creation of conditions for the application of the latest technologies.
Nikita Nadtochey, Soviet Siberia
Marina SHABANOVA, Gazette

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