International thugs in Syria have received a severe blow

Syrian troops crushed the last three terrorist groups in the suburbs of Damascus: Jubara, El Uteybe and Mazar-el-Ibb. In Aleppo, Syrian troops with the support of national self-defense committees repelled an attack by militants on the quarter-Sheikh Masood.


According to the Syrian news agency SANA, the enemy suffered losses in manpower and technology. In parallel army troops pursue armed gangs in Yabrud, Adre and Carre. According to reports, around Adra detected and destroyed a factory for the production of explosives, according to ITAR-TASS.

The threat of the Syrian capital saved from the south, where the rebels, as reported by the TV station "Al Jazeera", captured the strategically important city of today's daily standing on the highway to the Jordanian border. In the last 24 hours in the area, according to the AFP,killing 15 militants, 12 soldiers and 10 civilians.The city of Deraa — the administrative center of the southern province, located 110 km from Damascus, remains in the hands of government forces.

Speaking in the National Council (parliament Syria), member of the Southern District of Wael al-Zuabi called on the authorities urgently to send more troops to the south. According to him, the area of Khirbet Gazzalya to the border with Jordan is under the control of extremist militant groups "Dzhebhat en-Nusra", which took up positions vacated by the army."Perhaps the withdrawal of troops is tactical, but people in areas where hosted terrorists live in constant fear,"— Said the deputy.

In Aleppo, Syrian troops with the support of national self-defense committees reflected today attack by armed extremists in the quarter-Sheikh Masood. In the province of Homs border guards blocked the path of mercenaries invaded by the Lebanese town of El Kneysa. During the battle were killed and wounded a large number of terrorists, according to SANA. In the military bulletin provides information on operations around the cities of Latakia and Hama, which destroyed several militant bases. Eliminated bandit leaders, among them Sheikh Abu Ammar al-Zarqawi.

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