Intimidating to hold on to power

Continue in Minsk trials of the organizers and participants of the protest on Independence Square December 19, 2010, including former presidential candidate Vladimir Nyaklyaeu, Andrei Sannikov and Vitaly Rymashevsky. How are these processes Belarusian politicians?
Deputy of the Supreme Soviet of Belarus, the 13th convocation Paul Expert No surprise harsh sentences to ordinary protesters:

"I'm just now reading Shalamova" Kolyma Tales "and Solzhenitsyn's" The Gulag Archipelago. "I know I psyhatyp Lukashenko — it is very Hard dictator. So there is nothing surprising. This is revenge Lukashenko anyone who challenged him.
And at the same time an attempt to intimidate the society to such an extent that, in any event, that will be in Belarus — the financial crisis or something else — the people endured in silence and was afraid to go out into the streets. Here's a pre-emptive settlement — save power and to intimidate people. "
Several reasons brutality of the authorities of a political scientist Aleksei Korol:

"First — this is the logic of action of the totalitarian regime against its opponents, against this phenomenon, a force that is potentially a threat to loosening and abrushennya this system.
The second — the inertia of the system of punitive action. She imagines that if he refuses to forgive, it is so raspishatstsa his impotence. It's kind of a totalitarian view of their power.
And the third — there is a calculation to bring the sentences to the end. And only then see what to do — to forgive, to forgive is not what concessions go. In short, as a product for bargaining with external forces. "
The authorities are now seeking more than ever, to intimidate society, former deputy and political prisoner Sergei Skrabets:

"The authorities need not even to activists, and ordinary people who came to the area to support their presidential candidates, have been severely punished. This kind of prevention. Economic situation is now serious. And the authorities are doing so in advance to scare people. They fear people, who lost their jobs, and their half a million, will take to the streets. may soon happen social explosion. And so today severely punish those who expressed their December 19 protest. "

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