Iraq: ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics were deciphered earlier than thought




Medieval Arab scholar Ibn al-Vahshiyya Nabati 1000 years before the Frenchman Champollion deciphered the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. The conclusion reached by the Iraqi historian Yahya Mir Alem, who studied the written at the beginning of the IX. BC medieval Arabic manuscript "Passion knowledge of written characters," which disclosed the value of some ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics.

It is 1,000 years precedes the opening of the French scientist Francois Champollion, who in 1822 read the Rosetta stone — black basalt slab with an inscription in the ancient Egyptian language (hieroglyphics), the Egyptian colloquial (demotic script) and Greek.

Battery News, 28.12.2004 17:41
Source: RIA Novosti

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