We offer you the information message «impostor Italian and Russian BRM-ZK» Lynx «(pictured), published on the portal» Herald of Mordovia » 29.06.2013. For more information, please contact the Department of Strategic Communication «Concern» Tractor plants «.
In the 90s of the last century Russian designers have developed a number of promising models of equipment, which at that time were one of the best in the world. But, unfortunately, for a number of reasons, first, economic, these war machines not entered service.
One of these samples is a combat reconnaissance vehicle BRM-3K «Lynx», which was equipped with the latest equipment.
As reported by the manufacturer’s website, the machine weighs 19 tons, intended for conducting reconnaissance at any time of the day and year in the criteria limited optical visibility, for this «Lynx» installed thermal imager, which is able to build 3 km.
The highest detection range and target identification using existing radar station is about 12 km. So the tank is located at a distance of about 10 km, and people — at distances up to 4 km.
BRM retains the basic properties of the highest car — infantry fighting vehicle BMP-3: better maneuverability, great speed, good permeability and the ability to overcome aqua prepyadstvy afloat with the help of water-jet propulsion, sufficient armor protection. Most highway speed — 70 km / h In store down the highway — 600 km. Armament: automatic gun 2A72 30-mm machine gun 7.62 mm.
The machine has a place to store the system of anti-tank guided missiles (ATGM), 6 units of small guns and 15 hand grenades. In the frame of the machine has two loopholes for firing a small cannon.
BRM is equipped with instrumentation, navigation and orientation, electric calculator information processing, communications and data transmission. There is security equipment and digital speech of information.
Provides space to accommodate equipment for the organization of remote supervisory Fri This BRM very much needed during the fighting in the North Caucasus during the war, «888.»
During different impressions creator ever talk with representatives of the manufacturer, and industrialists expressed the hope that the government will find native all the same money to buy the right amount of data from the Russian manufacturer of armored vehicles.
But the funds were found for the other machine, which also decided to marry off spies. However, the manufacturer was foreign, and the car was not even a little bit of the equipment that was in the arsenal of BRM-3K. As if in mockery inomarku also dubbed the «Lynx». It is unclear why it did. Maybe people who have made it, just did not know what a modern machine for intelligence purposes with the exact same title, we already have. If so, then it is very characterizes the level of competence of individuals to make responsible decisions.
As a result, there was a situation of weird, the real «Lynx» to the troops almost never reached, and the story of the Italian impostor mired in a string of various scandals. Suffers from an army operating in the main, order the old technique. One hope — on an armored reconnaissance vehicle based on the caterpillar «Kurgan-25» or wheel «Boomerang».

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