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Japanese "Center for the Study of waves doomsday" predicted change in the direction of Earth's axis and the global earthquake and a half years ago

In May 2003, on the roads of Japan, there was a group of strange people dressed in white robes. These were members of the sect "Panavebau kenkyudze" ("Pana Wave Laboratory") — "Center for the Study of waves Yom Kippur." On the puzzling questions of local residents followers of the sect calmly answered that on May 15 has come to an end and they are trying to find a suitable place where they can survive the impending disaster and to protect the sick woman, leader of the sect, from the "deadly electromagnetic waves" (see "NG-religion "dated 06.08.03, p. 8). This sect was formed in Japan in the late 1970s. According to the statements themselves sectarian in its ranks is about 3,000 people (other estimates — no more than 1,200 people.) Sect led by 69-year-old at the time Hiroko Tino. Characteristically, the followers themselves "white worship" is not considered a religious organization, emphatically calling it "kenkyudze" — "Research Institute", "laboratory". The staff of this strange "NII" claim that electromagnetic waves destroy the environment and cause a rise in temperature on the planet. The damage caused by electromagnetic waves, will lead eventually to the end of the world. They also claim that the electromagnetic attack periodically commit communist terrorists who were scattered all over the world after the collapse of the Soviet Union. The cause of the May, 2003 was a spike sectarian revelation Hiroko Tino, who said that the Earth is approaching the unknown "tenth planet", under the influence of which will begin the intense radiation of electromagnetic waves. Earth will change its axis, which would result in a global earthquake that will destroy all humanity … "Electromagnetic" Hiroko Tino was wrong in its forecast for the year and a half — a negligible amount in the scale of geological time. December 26, 2004 an earthquake with an epicenter in the Indian Ocean near the Indonesian island of Sumatra and the ensuing huge tsunami caused the deaths of more than 155 thousand people. And not only in Indonesia but also in the whole of Southeast Asia and even in Africa. However, if the Japanese missed the dates, it is almost a "guessed" the impact of this global catastrophe. The tsunami in Southeast Asia, virtually all experts consider to be one of the worst disasters in history. Caused its earthquake measuring 9 on the Richter scale was the most powerful in the last 40 years. The energy of the underwater quake was equivalent to 9.5 thousand explosions of atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima. That was enough to the planet's axis shifted by three centimeters, and the Earth's rotation sped up by 3 microseconds, the chairman of the Russian Expert Council on earthquake prediction, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Alexei Nikolaev. Energy effects of this acceleration can feel the quality of the reverse comparison. According to estimates of Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor of the Moscow Power Engineering Institute (Technical University), Igor Kopylov, with the annual rate slowing rotation of the Earth by just 1 second thermal energy is (approximately 1014 kWh), which is greater than the total energy released by human industrial activity. Geological version of the events explained a senior seismologist at the British Geological Institute Brian Bapt, his agency quoted Bi-bi-si. According Bapt, the island of Sumatra, located in the north-eastern Indonesia, located on the edge of tectonic plates — huge areas of the earth's crust, staying in constant motion. Plate, on which the Indian Ocean, just moved to the north-east, gradually advancing to Sumatra. "Because it is heavier than the Sumatran, we can say that the Indian Ocean is" drowning "on Sumatra — emphasizes Brian Bapt. — The collision of plates develops very slowly, and the border between them builds up tremendous energy. Eventually, one of the plates is split. Length cracks in the tectonic plate was about a thousand miles away, one of the plates has fallen by almost 10 meters. " But what is surprising. According to the hypothesis of Professor Kopylov, the Earth — is a giant MHD generator (MHD generator), to put it simply — the electric motor that receives energy from the braking of cosmic particles in the magnetic field of our planet. Transients in electrical machine "Earth" — the power of ocean currents, typhoons, cyclones and earthquakes. They, electromechanical transient processes, and have a major influence on weather and climate. As with any motor, in this case a so-called cross-current. The projection of the circular cross-current of the planet on a flat image of the Earth looks like a sine wave. So, it turns out, one of the branches of the sine wave is almost perfectly coincides with the line of fracture occurred tectonic plates in the Indian Ocean! (Another branch of the sine wave in the northern hemisphere coincides with the direction of the Gulf Stream.) According to the hypothesis of Professor Kopylov, this is not surprising: it is the transverse current and determines the direction of movement of continental plates. "Complicated transition process associated with the change in direction of the transverse current, is of global importance and has a major impact on the evolution of the planet — said Professor Kopylov told a reporter," NG. "- For almost one hundred years the Earth is experiencing the beginning of a global transition process." By the way, Igor Petrovich Kopylov wrote about this back in 1999: "The change will change the direction of the transverse current shift continental plates, which, together with the change in the circulation of the magma would cause earthquakes in vast areas of the planet" (see "NG-science" on 15.12.99 ). In connection with this, a natural question arises: can somehow human activity — conscious or unconscious — to influence all these electromagnetic "stuff"? And so it really looks like a delusional statement followers "of the Center for the Study of waves Doomsday" Electromagnetic terrorist attacks? Of course, trying to find an answer to these questions, we are bound to enter the realm of almost outright scientific and pseudo-speculation. However, I still venture to quote the chairman of the Cultural Institute of New Technologies (Vienna, Austria) Konrad Becker. Here is what he wrote in his book "Dictionary of tactical reality" (Wiley, 2004): "The equipment HAARP (High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program — a research program of high auroral activity. — IS), Alaska (valued at 100 million . dollars) — this is a scientific experiment aimed at studying the properties and behavior of the ionosphere, which pays special attention to the possibilities of better understanding and use of the ionosphere to enhance communications and surveillance systems for both civilian and military purposes. " According to the Ministry of Defense, "the first priority is the health plan and the safety of society." The question is: Do the angels in this HAARP? "(Born Harp — harp).

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Source: The Independent newspaper

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