Japan’s Ministry of Agriculture in the Tula region perenimaet farming experience in radioactive contamination

 Photo source:olx.ru

Specialists of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan and the National Research Organization for Agriculture and Food, Japan, according to "Tula news service," a working visit Tula Research Institute of Agriculture (Agricultural Research Institute). Japanese farmers have come to Tula Agricultural Research Institute in Moscow during his visit to Russia, during which will also visit Lobnya Moscow region and Obninsk, Kaluga region. The purpose of the visit — the study of the experience of agriculture in the conditions of radioactive contamination from the Chernobyl accident.
According to the head of the research group of the Ministry of Agriculture of Japan Toshiaki Okura, accident on March 11 at the plant "Fukushima-1" has caused significant damage to agriculture in some areas of the country. "The whole area around the plant is owned farms, so we want to help farmers by adopting Russian Experience" — said T.Okura. In the Tula Agricultural Research Institute of Japanese experts acquainted with the methods of treatment of contaminated soil, varieties of cereals and potatoes, less prone to absorb radionuclides. According T.Okury, after the visit of the working group will prepare a report for submission to the Ministry of Agriculture of Japan. Japanese visitors also visited the Spassky-Lutovinovo and Yasnaya Polyana. "We are familiar with the works of Tolstoy and Turgenev, and knew where to go. Glad we visited these places have felt the scale of these outstanding personalities of writers, "- said T.Okura.

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