«Javelin». ROCKETS 16 — 16 Hits

In a joint exercise Yudh Abhyas Indian Army and the U.S. Army were conducted firing antitank missile system Javelin («Dart» — approx. «VP»), during which were obtained «flawless results,» reports ASDNews June 17.
5 missiles were produced (three soldiers of the 82nd Airborne Division, the U.S. and two Indian settlements), all ATGM hit targets with a direct hit.
«In recent years, in the course of a few exercises Yudh Abhyas Indian and South American gunners fired a total 16 missiles difficulties, as a result we have 16 direct hits. Results they say for themselves, «said President of the joint venture Javelin Joint Venture, President applets Raytheon Javelin Duane Gooden (Duane Gooden).
LAW Javelin is a joint product companies Raytheon and Lockheed Martin, missile launched from the shoulder, introduces the concept of «fire and forget» anti-tank capable of killing at least some armored object.
«We are ready to comply with India on the conclusion of a large defense contracts,» said vice-president of the Javelin Joint Venture of Lockheed Martin James Barry (Barry James).

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