Jeanne Litvin: Independent journalism is in danger today

Independent journalism in Belarus today "is in danger, as it is one of the main threats to the regime." Described the situation of media freedom in the country, the chairman of the Belarusian Association of Journalists (BAJ), Jeanne Litvin on the eve of World Press Freedom Day, which is celebrated annually on May 3.

"All the more difficult to control public opinion and bend the mood of people — convinced the leader of the BAJ. — The propaganda machine" stalled. "Fires principle — the more propaganda, the less faith." Evidenced, said Litvin, steel and currency panic, and "Sugar Rush".

"The economic situation dictates the behavior of the authorities. They now have no choice but to take the aggravation with masmedyya and strengthen prosecution, highlighting the most wild charges" — said Litvin.

However, she points out, "the way of total and uncompromising subordination of the media — is futile." "Because in a situation of social stress in a society like never grow confidence in the independent media and the relevance of information without censorship" — sure, the leader of the Belarusian Association of Journalists.

Independent journalism, according to Litvin, should dispose of this "trust capital" to consolidate their position in society, no matter what it takes.

Jeanne Litvin wished courage to colleagues who have already been sentenced to imprisonment (Alexander Atroschankau, Dmitry Bondarenko), Those who are still waiting for decisions (Sergei Wozniak, Alexander Fyaduta, Khalip, Paul Seviarynets) As well as resistance — teams of newspapers "Nasha Niva"And the" People's Will ", which can be closed by the Ministry of Information.

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