Judge dissent — a measure of disrespect for human laws

5 May in Minsk began trials of new exhibition space, the former presidential candidate Vladimir and Vitaly Rymashevsky Nyaklyaeu. How are these processes, policies, human rights activists and the defendants themselves?

At the Frunze district court of Minsk, where the process of the former presidential candidates Vladimir Nyaklyaeu and Vitaly Rymashevsky, as well as Infusion Palazhanka, Alexander Feduta, Sergei Wozniak and Andrey Dmitriev, come well-known politicians, human rights activists, diplomats said. They came to the court as ambassadors of Lithuania and Poland. About fifty people were not included in the room due to lack of space. During the process, Vitaly Rymashevski addressed the audience members of the Youth Union, so they gave way to his father:

"Struck by these young boys from Youth Union, which did not even have given way my dad was not enough room in the hall of my relatives. They did not move when I just called:" The members of the Youth Union, who can give way to a family. "And no one left them, there were other people who have given way to my dad. "

Vitaly Rymashevski

Vitaly Rymashevski says that the judge and the prosecutor look very hard.

"Second impression — I hardly know what I do on a dock with Nyaklyaeu, Feduta, Dmitrieva, Wozniak, because most of the charges read out just does not concern me. Infusion of Palazhanka When we have walked together with the Station Square until October, it is possible to understand and integrate into one thing. I have no great mood or desire to listen to the details of the "Tell the truth."

Harry Pahanyaila

BHC representative Harry Pahanyaila Half an hour was at the box, but it was not missed in the courtroom. He said that the small rooms are specially selected to keep a sufficient number of journalists and observers.

"I already have a certain impression about these matters. We assess them as illegal, as the case politically motivated. And it all every thing becomes clear. In this case, the law does not, and political expediency."

"Why, in your opinion, the judge Neklyaeva, the poet?"

"It was careless enough to stand out as a political leader and rival Lukashenko during the election campaign. Dared to tell the whole country about nevgruntavanasts this government and Lukashenko personally. Within a very short time gained serious popularity. And that person is morally pure."

Alexander Fyaduta

The impressions from the start of shared Alexander Fyaduta:

"When you walk into the room and you see that is a poet and it there for twenty or thirty photographic lenses and a video camera watching, and you can hear as well as what he says he is not just an outstanding poet, but also a great zmagarskay, human and political form — I'm very pleased. Well, I have not been on other ships because they do not have a passport, but we all feel that we are humans, not wolves, as we are not in cages. During that our investigators can I thank for they do not know how I would feel if it was in a cage. "

Anastasia Palazhanka

Anastasia Palazhanka, who is also being accused in the case, said that the court will execute an order from above. Relative to the atmosphere in the court, she said that all concerned about the state Neklyaeva.

"I feel that it's hard to give this house arrest. He stood listening to the prosecution asked for the reason that it's hard to sit on the wooden boards. Periodically, make comments, but we really kind of loose talk. Talked a bit about the prison, the impressions that what we have now and what awaits us. Certainly, we agree that the time is not the easiest and not the best in our lives. joked But what happened, and worse, so will survive. "

Sergei Wozniak

Sergei Wozniak notes that in the indictment, which was made in his address, there are things that simply are not true. In particular, the fact that he had called all the square through the media.

"At first, in newspapers and on television have shown that we are criminals, and now a consequence, the prosecution and the courts must bring the matter to an end, to fix. Absolutely not legal approach."

Gennady Buraukin

Poet Gennady Buraukin did not get into the hall. He explained that he came to support his friend, the outstanding Belarusian poet:

"And then I still wonder, what are the charges on the basis of which show him overbearing Themis. Indeed, as far as I know Vladimir Prokopovich and the events that were the basis for his detention, no blame for him before the law no. A judge dissent, judged for their position — a measure of undemocratic, lack of respect for human laws, and not just any police laws. want to see with your own eyes, hear with our ears, what we call today the court. "

Anatoly Lebedko

Chairman of the UCP Anatoly Lebedko notes that it is very important to express solidarity.

"These are all links of one chain. This is one big political chain, which was surrounded by the power of the opposition. What is the purpose? Establish tighter control over the political opposition over the advocates of change. Especially during these crisis phenomena that we observe in the economy. These are show trials . However, the authorities do not understand the most important thing that people came to the square not to smash windows, and they came out to say that there is no choice. "

Sergei Kalyakin

The leader of "Fair World" Sergei Kalyakin said power these processes aggravate the situation, including its own. He came to express solidarity with those who are illegally present in the dock.

"The only decision of the court, which may correspond to justice — the justification of these people in the criminal case. Indeed, the most that these people have broken — is the Administrative Code. They took part in an unsanctioned rally. And all the other solutions do not correspond to any legislation or to what was happening in this square. I hope there will be a decision that will meet the justice and the rule of law. "

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