K.Vigenin: We maintain a place for a free Belarus

In Brussels, 3 May, the first meeting of the Parliamentary Assembly of "Eastern Partnership" (Euronest) — the program of cooperation between the European Union and a number of countries of the former Soviet Union. In the program "Eastern Partnership" involving Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. However, parliamentarians from Belarus for the first meeting of the Euronest not invited — The European Union has opposed their participation because of the undemocratic procedure for the election of the Belarusian parliament.

Opening the Euronest Parliamentary Assembly European Parliament President Jerzy Buzek said that "The discovery was made without the participation of Belarus." He expressed confidence that "in the future Belarusian legislators will join us when Belarus will be held free and fair elections."

Co-Chair of the Parliamentary Assembly of the "Eastern Partnership" Kristian Vigenin of Bulgaria, spoke about the "open door" for Belarus.

Vigenin: Finally, as a result of the situation in Belarus after the presidential elections in the past there were decided that we can not wait any longer and we need to start this Assembly with only five partners. However, we reserve the space for a free Belarus. This will be the 10 vacant seats in the Assembly, who are waiting for the representatives of the Belarusian parliament to be elected in a democratic manner. In addition to this we are going to create a working group on Belarus, which will include as members of the European Parliament and representatives of the national parliaments of the other five partners. This working group should try to establish contacts with the Belarusian authorities and try to create a better atmosphere in Belarus before the next parliamentary elections, which could plausibly be held at the end of this year. And we hope that if we see positive developments in Belarus, it will be possible to invite representatives of the Belarusian immediately after these Parliamentary elections.

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