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Natalia Cheredova

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I decade: agate, jade, onyx give the owner of optimism and courage, will save from fears and agreed.

II decade: tiger's eye, garnets, amethyst provide the wearer and the criticality of prudence and keep from deceit and irascibility.

III decade: aquamarine, coral, turquoise help you buy the ingenuity and persistence, as well as get rid of bad thoughts and contentiousness.


I decade: turquoise, amber, cat's eye will provide the owner of the power of life and curiosity and will save from carelessness and unfaithfulness.

II decade: green aquamarine, purple fluorite and beryl excite creativity and deduction, keep from melancholy and nervous breakdowns.

III decade: hair-quartz, amethyst, sapphire help find poetry and optimism, and will save the illusions and the weak will.


I decade: verdelite-green tourmaline, aquamarine excite intuition and reliability, keep stress and poisoning.

II decade: alexandrite, aquamarine, spar — will help to get insight and self-control, get rid of bad habits and suspiciousness.

III decade of amethyst, rock crystal, diamond, amber will promote vigor and self-control and protection from the "evil eye."


I decade: diamond, ruby, red coral, carnelian, jasper ensure success in your career and the sport and keep from temper.

II decade: green garnet, malachite, amethyst owner will give the gift of a researcher and educator, will save from intemperance and riot.

III decade: sapphire, tourmaline, turquoise provide intuitive and material success and will save from the unrest, resentment, envy.


I decade: emerald, lapis lazuli, chrysoprase, onyx excite altruism and love of life and protect from injury and decay.

II decade: landscape agate, jasper, chrysoprase provide owner optimism and emancipation, get rid of fear and evil spells.

III decade: onyx, sard, citrine, beryl, topaz trigger the imagination and flexibility and keep out of nervousness and losses.


I decade: agate, topaz, selenite, zircon ensure efficiency and honesty and will save from libel and envy.

II decade: Amber (preferably light), beryl, blue pearl develop observation and practicality and relieve of impermanence.

III decade: amethyst, green tourmaline help to find the gift to be loved and good luck, keep on changing.


I decade: garnet, opal, emerald will be presented with imagination and keep out of laziness.

II decade: peacock, rock crystal, BELOMOR provide wealth and income will save from depression.

III decade: diamond, sunfish, ruby, sapphire, Hawkeye relieve of impermanence and betrayal.


I decade: pyrope, yellow topaz, amber initiate the generosity and passion, keep from being alone.

II decade: Morion, grenades, geliotit, chrome diopside increase the ambition and will save the owner from the attacks and bad relationships.

III of December: heliotrope, agate, sapphire, yellow topaz will develop a sense of dignity and wearing practicality.


I decade: tiger's eye, jasper, onyx, beryl help maintain the attractiveness and sense of purpose will save from shyness and family disasters.

II decade: malachite, topaz, sapphire, emerald owner will give solemnity and observation, get rid of violence and slander.

III decade: raspberry tourmaline, smoky quartz, coral provide vitality and Dobronravov.


I decade: aquamarine, Peart, pomegranate develop own words and away the blues and laziness.

II decade: quartz, beryl, opal, tourmaline provide friendliness and harmony with ourselves and the world will keep on adventures and betrayals.

III decade: aquamarine, jasper, amethyst, opal guarantee hard work, the owner will turn away from selfishness and quarrels.


I decade: pomegranate, Morion, topaz, hematite excite fortitude and financial sense, but also get rid of risks and disasters.

II decade: opal, marcasite, onyx, garnet, and will provide realistic and keep from natural disasters and injuries.

III decade: purple amethyst, turquoise give prudence and independence by getting rid of intrigue and sensual temptations.


I decade: garnet, ruby, sapphire provide energy, altruism, and will save from depression and self-esteem.

II decade: tourmaline, lapis lazuli, heliolite excite the generosity and the gift of a healer as well as maintain the illusions and negligence.

III decade: malachite, Melanie, star sapphire provide poise and vitality and relieve from stress and envy.


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