Khalip. Portrait against a lattice


The answer Khalip IV

Why are beautiful, charismatic, amazingly talented professional journalist having the rare quality of the researcher, was first imprisoned in Minsk KGB, and then under house arrest?

Because it is — beautiful, charismatic, extremely talented, has the rare quality of a journalist and researcher …

The trouble is not her fault, that with outstanding genes Lucia Jurevny and Vladimir Trafimavic she was born in a country which, unfortunately, was the Renaissance, and after the great victory quickly began to Brezhnev.

Khalip has always existed and that the collision: between the scale of a fearless and talented individual traditionalist state that does not tolerate deviations from the powerful course.

Her conflict, I think even non-political and conflict eras — the human epoch of revival and continuation of the book "Revival" (LI Brezhnev, Palitvydat, 1981)

But we must remember that this is a conflict between the time retreats, and sometimes that will inevitably occur.

Happy you, Il.

Andrei Sannikov, Danil Sannikov, Irina Khalip

…And without freedom is a plus: the son of an opportunity to be satisfied with my mother, despite her nenaglyadnasts. Together dad wait faster.

Dmitry Muratov, editor in chief of "Novaya Gazeta"

All the portraits on the background grid

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