Kremlin psychics dismissed




They protected from damage Yeltsin, but were not needed to Putin

A former intelligence officer Yuri Malin talks about how the first persons Russia guarded from malicious psychics and scientists who created the instruments that affect the human psyche.


Yuri Malin graduated from the Faculty of Automation and remote control of the Moscow Power Engineering Institute in 1972 and the Faculty of Biomedicine of the Higher Technical School. Bauman in 1986. Scientific specialization — high technology in the field of consciousness of the individual. As a specialist in psy successfully participated in the presidential elections of one of the countries of the CIS. Former KGB officer and consultant of the Federal Security Service under Yeltsin.

Yeltsin tried to brainwash

Yuri Malin called the editorial itself. He also expressed concern: the current president does not cherish. Like, in his entourage left of professionals who could resist external psychophysical influence.

And before that, according to Malina, such were. Under Yeltsin. A special unit was engaged in the service of non-traditional techniques for mind control. It is that protected the president from "spoiling" of any kind.

The fact that Yeltsin was favorably inclined to the development of non-traditional methods of psychophysical effects, "Komsomolskaya Pravda" wrote July 23, 2004. For example, from chest pains and insomnia BN treated with bioenergetic hat made of thin metal plates. According to the inventor Professor George Stepanova, this helmet is an antenna, accumulating energy healing physician.

— The reason for the creation of our structure has become a famous scandal in the "White House", when Yeltsin was in office discovered the alleged eavesdrop equipment, — says Yuri at the meeting. — In fact, found no microphones, and a directional antenna designed for radiation. And experts have come to the conclusion that it was set to influence the president. As a result, had to involve experts who are knowledgeable in such equipment. All the more so at the same time — in the early 1990s — all the "psychic stuff" were used in the election campaign.

Yuri Malin showed very curious document: "Price list of services to ensure the election campaign" (the program of work of the candidates) from December 16, 1995. Extrasensory "security of the candidates' cost $ 3,000 a month with a cost of travel and stay in the region. To indoctrinate the population of the city, so they went and voted for the right candidate, for 2 — 5 working days sorcerers requested $ 2,000. And for the installation of protective devices and psychotronic neutralizing external action "subject to agreement" psychics were paid in the amount of several thousand dollars. The cheapest service of "wizards" — support during a speech to maintain the image — worth $ 150 per hour.

— My job was to prevent such activities — says Malin. — In the Liberal Democratic Party, for example, wanted to take advantage of the Mining and Kashpirovsky. We have done everything to remove them from this kind of "political" work. Just in case.

— Themselves "conjured"?

— No, I picked people who could do it — to counteract the psycho-physical attacks. Coached candidates, helping to develop psychic abilities.

Psychotronic — fantastic

— Let's go back to the antenna, which was irradiated with Yeltsin. Do you really believe that there is a system, which can be used to influence the psyche and human health?

— By the beginning of the 1990s in this country flourished unprecedented engineering idea to create such devices. They were engaged in more than 20 institutions. Coordinated the work of innovative technologies in the center of the SCST USSR. But even earlier, in 1987, Prime Minister Ryzhkov approved the program on the use of psycho-technologies in the "national economy". In the final section discussed the means of controlling people and the impact on the decision-making mechanism. He was responsible for the program retired Lieutenant General Chief of Intelligence Firyaz Khantseverov.

— On psychotronic weapons implying? But the scientists also swore that it is — fiction charlatans.

— I know those involved in psychotronic development, and those who denounced them as pseudoscientific. For the most part they were the same people. Including the Academy of Sciences of the USSR and the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences. There was also the so-called laboratory microlepton technologies. It is directed by Anatoly Okhatrin, who once worked at the academician Korolev. He has created several "bioenergogeneratorov" — seems to be to treat. But were the modes of their work, which could, on the contrary, make a healthy person sick or bring to the madness. As far as I know, the unit was acting on the psyche in stages: first the man had malaise, the weakening of the protection functions, and then stopped to think logically and to navigate the terrain, and, in the end, affects all major organs.

Former military and hypnotist Ivan Kachalin (he died. — Ed.) At the time registered in the USSR State Committee for Inventions device "Radiogipnoz" soporific using microwave radiation people from a distance of 50 km. He was assisted in the research Colonel-General Vadim Abramov, and oversaw the work of Hero of the Soviet Union, Marshal Yevgeny Savitsky. The report Kachalina on the successful testing of the device in the military unit No. 71592 near Novosibirsk said that it is possible not only to lull the enemy at a distance, but also cause other changes in the human body up to the mutation of cells.

A document showing the successful testing of the device "Radiogipnoz", with which you can put to sleep the whole city area of 100 square meters. km at a distance of 50 km.

Until the mid-1990s, while working as our structure, had the task of monitoring, surveillance and containment of all this "weapon of mass control." But after the collapse of state funding to sponsor these "pseudo-scientists" became businesses and criminals.

Do Putin "dushehraniteli?"

— Authorities are seriously worried that they might be turned into a zombie?

— Of course, otherwise the state, already under Yeltsin, not allocated to a program entitled "Securing remote influence on decision-making mechanism" of 500 million rubles.

— Putin now has a "dushehraniteli?"

— With his arrival our structure was abolished. And created a new one — I do not know. But from the Yeltsin just one left. It is possible that the new president considered to be "psychic protection" nonsense. But to me as a professional shame that our specialists departments today are out of work at a time when the world are actively developing advanced technologies in the field of mind control and intelligence. For example, there is evidence that Americans have created radioizluchateli specially modulated signals, which put under the control of human behavior. And the impact can be thousands of miles away. And it is possible that the election now Russian governors and the president of Ukraine, these technologies were used.

These people stood at the origins of psychotronic weapons in Russia.

Images from the documentary film, shot in 1993, the program of the First Channel "Black Box". The program is closed for a long time, a film to be shown is prohibited.

Journalist (left) talks with retired Lieutenant General of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Firyazom Hantseverovym, who in the early 1990s, was in charge of the program for the study and development of techniques and instruments that can be used to control people's minds.

Anatoly Okhatrin (left) directed the laboratory microlepton technologies where created "bioenergogeneratory" damaging human health.

This "pipe" (left) — one of the generators Okhatrin that ultrasound reduces the human mind.

Another development Okhatrin — special capsule in which any material placed in the form of tablets, whether drug or aspirin. The capsule is closed, is connected to another generator, which is configured on the bioenergetic characteristics of the person and somehow sends the radiation from these substances in the body of the victim. Focus or fiction?

PS We will continue the theme of scientific development in the field of psycho-technologies. I'll meet with people ever suffered the devastating effects of biogenerator. And also by the developers of psychotronic devices.


Doctor of Technical Sciences Valery buzzard, former Deputy Director of the NGO "Energy":

— Back in 1991 we had to think about what may appear fundamentally new type of weapon of mass control, the destruction of intelligence, personality. Then I spoke to the government with a report that if we do not develop the international law prohibiting psychological and physical effects on humans, its mass production will start in ten years. And it will be more terrible than the atomic bomb. My words no one listened. Research teams who were involved psychotronic, across the country were deliberately ruined by the middle of the nineties. Government officials then created a closed-KB, which our theoretical developments experienced in practice. What came out of it — is unknown. And now the world's active development of human consciousness programming techniques to control. As a result, already twenty years may see "race" of people-driven.


You lose a button — all ischesheshsya

According to Malina, bodyguards and attendants Yeltsin carefully monitored so that even a button on his shirt is not lost. Otherwise, a sorcerer with it could bring damage. Yuri saw a documentary proof of remote influence on human psychics. The TV screen is divided into two halves. The first shows a respectable gentleman in his hotel room. And on the other — Guinean grandmother of the Witch in the shack. Distance between 300 km. Images are captured simultaneously. Witch give the man's tie, a few seconds she looks at him, then throws it into a three-liter jar and rolls back a handful of ants. And then the man starts to rip his shirt, and to the blood of the body combing, brushing off his non-existent insects.

Testimony of Witnesses

Major-General Boris WARRIOR, former Deputy Chief of the Russian Federation:

— I saw the antenna mounted in the cabinet wall Yeltsin for the book. It was covered with a tarpaulin metal frame of 1 m 20 cm to 1 m 20 cm, the center of which was attached radioizluchatel. Who turns on or off, I do not have information. Perhaps someone from the Supreme Council. But I know how antenna acts: introducing human discomfort, causing headaches. Looks like we have tried in Afghanistan, and together with Korzhakov. But as evidence antenna that was Yeltsin in 1991, was stolen.

Major-General Georgy Rogozin, a former first deputy head of the Security Service of the President of the Russian Federation:

— Malin while actually watching the new research areas in the field of psycho-and then spontaneously emerged "market" any psychics, healers. It was necessary for the study and development of procedures psychophysical effects on humans. But as it is used in practice, I do not know. If he's decided to split — that is his right.

Svetlana COUSIN January 6, 2005

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