Labkovich: It's a foregone conclusion the court

In the court of the Moscow district of Minsk was the third day of the trial of the six participants in the events on Independence Square in Minsk on December 19, 2010: Dmitry Doronin, Sergei Kazakov, Vladimir Loban Vitali Matsukevich, Eugene secret, Oleg Fedorkevichey. They are charged under part 2 of article 293 of the Criminal Code, "Riots". There was a questioning of witnesses and viewing video showing the discrepancy vinavachannyav exposed defendant.

In the first half of the day the judge Elena Shilko read off a list of seized from the accused during searches: computer hard-drives, DVD-drives, mobile phones and print negotiations. Ratings on all the accused — only positive: conscientious workers, kamunikabelnyya, polite — the most common characteristics of each of the defendants. However, witnesses said, and — relatives and friends of the accused. One — Sergey NagornyThe trial members area commented:

"In the process of this court I have a relative passes Sergey Kazakov. We came to support him, because he very much for going through all of our thoughts are about it. We like it, there are few. There is fraud, perhaps because they are afraid that they have no hard evidence against them. So we all hope for the best. "

Witnesses by the police as victims commandos stated on the means of resistance in the hands of the protesters: rebar and wooden sticks, testified on the prevention by the police about the need to disperse. However, this was not confirmed by video footage, that drew the attention of the court the defendant Oleg Fedorkevichey. However, the judge ignored his remark. None of the police witnesses could not accurately recall the events of that day, did not recognize the accused. During the third day of the trial says human rights activist who was present at the trial Vladimir Labkovich:

Vladimir Labkovich

"Now we are seeing another judicial process with a foregone finale. And this lawsuit is yet another proof of the fact that on December 19 there were no riots. This is evident from the video and the testimony of witnesses. And the accused will be punished, disproportionate to his act. I believe that in many months behind bars they have served their sentence. They certainly should be released possible more. Otherwise, they will of course be political prisoners. "

After the speeches, witnesses and viewing video in the court adjourned until 10:00 on May 11.


Finally, the Court

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