Labor Day and anxiety

May 1, Labor Day is celebrated in Belarus. Traditionally on this day the unions rallies and demonstrations of workers — BelaPAN.

In the capital's Central Children's Gorky Park will be a festive rally Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus, on the Day of Labor. It will participate leadership of the federation, Minsk City Executive Committee, the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection. Another Day rally will be held in the capital of the FPB park named after the 50th anniversary of the October Revolution.

As the Chairman of the Independent Trade Union of Radio and Electronics Workers (RAP) Gennady Fedynich, RAP will hold a rally at the metropolitan area of Bangalore, which promises to be the main event of Independent Trade Unions May Day. It is expected that the meeting will bring together up to 500 people. It will include representatives of the union of all the regions.

Alexander Yarashuk

Chairman of the Belarusian Congress of Democratic Trade Unions (CDTU) Alexander Yarashuk BelaPAN was told that independent trade unions anxiously watching the situation with the lack of currency and rising prices prevailing in Belarus, the termination process in a number of enterprises. "The country was consistently to this situation, — Yarashuk said. — The aim of government policy was to conserve the economic model of the former Soviet times, and "Belarus miracle" was held solely on subsidies. "In He said, Now it is clear that the situation is getting out of control, it is necessary to make decisions on the modernization and restructuring of the economy, which, however, will require two to three years.

According Yarashuk, the government should first take measures in order to "unblock the situation with the currency." "But the most important thing — to be taken the strategic decision to liberalize the economy, which the government has repeatedly declared, but did not dare to carry out" — said the leader BCDTU.

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