Lair of Bigfoot found in the U.S.

January 16, 2013 17:49

In the south-western U.S. state of Arizona in the forest was found the den, hidden branches of trees and grass. Presumably, this is the lair of the legendary Bigfoot or Yeti.

Photo: EPA

Researcher and expert on the study of Bigfoot Mitch Waite and his wife found out and videotaped allegedly abandoned lair of the Yeti. The small entrance to the den, leaving the ground, was found in the Tonto National Forest, in the valley of Mogollon, which stretches for 320 km south of Arizona. Presumably this is the lair of the legendary humanoid creature with giant feet, living in these forests — Mogollonskogo monster.

Mogollonsky monster can reach two to three meters in length, brown hair or blond. Essentially inherent sharp musky smell. Mitch Waite says lair belongs to Bigfoot, so far as he found the imprint of a giant foot, hair and excrement monster.

For the first time the existence of yetis in the forests of Arizona, spoke in the 1900s. The native inhabitants of these places, Apache and Navajo Indians, there are many legends about the existence of the "big hairy man" or "old mountain man."

Catherine Shmeleva

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