Large families, sports schools and orphanages were minibuses

Administration of the Rostov region gave new vans "Sable" six large families. At the end of last week, the deputy governor of the Don region Sergey Bondarev personally handed over the heads of the six families of the keys to the new minibus "Sable".

Among parents with ten or more children received their own car, were a family of Metansinyh Volgodonsk.

 According to the department of labor and social development of the city administration, from Victor and Victoria Metansinyh — five sons and eight daughters. Eldest, Michael, was twenty-five, and the youngest, Pauline, two years. At the time, the family lived in a remote area Jolly Martynovsky area, but when the village school was closed as a low-enrollment, parents of large families with kids moved in Volgodonsk. Soon, the city administration has allocated to them semikomnatnuyu apartment in the "social" house on the street of Marshal Koshevogo. Now Volgodonsk received another gift from the state. 

 Pupils Kan orphanage them. Gagarin received for the new school year, a comfortable minibus. This was reported by City TV "Kanskaya Channel 5."

This made the kids a gift whether central power. New modern minivan "Gazelle" for 12 seats equipped with comfortable chairs and everything you need to transport children.

The first passengers have already evaluated the superiority of the new transport: "The lounge is very comfortable and the ride is much nicer than in those buses that have been before."

Guide the children's home and the city heating plant for many years maintained a good relationship. Experts CHP meet with students, read them lectures on energy saving, talk about what is energy, how it manifests itself in the economy. The children, in turn, often on tours of the CHP.

The two sports schools in Achinsk end of the year will get new comfortable buses. It was reported today, August 27, the press service of the city administration.


The purchase of new vehicles to schools directed 2,500,000 rubles from the regional budget in the framework of the regional target program "From mass to mastery" for 2011-2013 ".

"The new bus for up to 17 passengers, will go to a specialized children's and youth sports school of Olympic reserve in martial arts. According to last year, there were about 700 children. Also, the owner of the bus at the 29 seats will be Children and Youth Sports School. Melnikova. It involved about 540 kids, "- told in the press service of the city administration. On the new buses athletes will be able to go to many events, whereas before they had to enter into contracts for the transportation of various organizations.


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