Last Spandau prisoner — Rudolf Hess watch online

Last Spandau prisoner - Rudolf Hess watch online
May 10, 1941 Hitler's closest assistant, Rudolph Hess made a move that floored not only the agents of all the hidden services, and the Fuhrer himself. The Secretary of the Nazi Party Rudolf Hess his plane solo across the English Channel and made a landing in Scotland. Upon arrival, Hess said that he came to conclude a peace between Britain and Germany. With all this Hess explained that acts as a private person and his actions Hitler did not understand. Regardless of the purpose of peacekeeping, Hess was arrested here as a military offender. His prison conclusion stretched for 46 long years, and freedom, he will not see ever … Learning of this flight. Hitler announced his own "former" friend insane. Fuhrer struck out Hess of German life, and to the Nuremberg trials of it in Germany tried not to remember … What moved Rudolf Hess, as he sat behind the wheel of the aircraft? What kept secret hide all 46 years of their own conclusions?

Second global war

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