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There are artists who have so many ideas that they can not be implemented within the same group. Therefore, they periodically have numerous side projects and a variety of creative Cooperative with other musicians.

A striking example of such a multi-faceted personality in the Belarusian music — regular guest of the "White List of Liberty." With 15 years his name was associated exclusively with the group "Mroya" and then NRM But by the end of 90th parallel to this artist moved on to other projects. Suffice it here to recall the "People's album" mysterious project Zet and "Krambambulya." Everything he did, always had a great response. The last three CD "verse and chorus", "This is nowhere" and "White Thunder apple" singer released under his own name.

I welcome today's guest program Levon Wolski!

— Why in the end you decide to work under his own name, and not under the guise of a certain team from a certain title?

— So it turns out that now the period of his solo works, and I want to note that it has a decorative and applied nature. You have listed three of the project, and all of them are quite specific. The first — a cabaret in the German-Polish sense of the word, not to be confused with the Russian chanson. Second — positive songs in the style of 60th years, and the third — not at all to my words. We assume, as I at least think it's normal acceleration to solo work.

— A muse? Key, who is now with you, do not take offense to the fact that they do not work on a team, and personally to Liavon Wolski?

— Except in my name, they still work in the same team with the Belarusian cumbersome name with the letter "K." because they take offense — I do not understand (laughs). Second, when the album finally take shape with these musicians with my lyrics and my music, then, maybe, we should somehow be called. Do not rule out the possibility. Basically, I was always a man team. After all, starting at age 15 with a rock band, which together made out of thought and wrote lyrics for a long time, so I was afraid to go out alone with his guitar to the audience, because it seemed to me — maybe the only way. And then these stereotypes vanished into thin air.

— I'll try to articulate their perception of your current work. On the one hand, you're zhytstsestsvyarzhalnyya ballads — "Everything will be fine", "Give me some hope," "faith, hope, love." On the other hand, do mocking "verse and chorus" and playful project "White-headed Duck and Grisha." But the usual subjects earlier protest songs you for a long time did not create. Tired of it? It's easier to be ironic?

— Oddly enough, are not reached before, because there are more sought-after projects at a certain point. As of the "White Apple Tree" was that a long time lying on the shelf before we got her, issued and outstanding. Same with my songs serious. "Faith, Hope, Love" was waiting in the wings for three years. Maybe I did not want to say so serious about his work, so as not to interfere with the mainstream NRM

Maybe I did not want to say so serious about his work, so as not to interfere with the mainstream NRM

And it would be silly if I was the frontman in the "Independent Republic" and issued a solo album, where it would be almost the same, although the text. And so it turns out that I myself jumping in different projects, and there would be absolutely …

— How do you react to the fact that the NRM recently gave a recital in Polotsk without your participation?

— I do not comment on this situation, it is fairly typical of today's Belarus …

— What

— Suffice absurdova all in today's Belarus. The situation of national News obtained. The only thing that I will say I was not warned that goes somewhere. And no one had called the meeting to address the future of the group. It is inexplicable why I can not find the words and do not want to flog a fever to look inadequate.

— Your reaction to ban the concert "Krambambulya" in Minsk was different from the reactions of other musicians. Kullinkovich said a ban on the profession, Vaitsyushkevich of officials and provincialism thinking back to the Middle Ages, and you thank the Office of Culture for additional PR. Why did you decide to choose this tactic?

— The prohibition of the concert "Krambambulya" absolutely nowhere does not fit. This is the same situation nationwide novelties. So, of course, I had to thank the Ministry of Culture, Department of Culture of Minsk City Executive Committee for the fact that our world of PR. How else can be the best PR for foreign tours. When I was in the NRM played in Germany, people would come just as the zoo, look at these terrible commanders as they chainsaw lumberjack on the scene everyone will crumble and fall to the usual rock concert. Many people probably rascharovvavsya.

— However, last week, your solo concerts took place in Grodno and Brest. Find a logical explanation for this?

— I also personally not on the list, and the bureaucracy is acting strictly in accordance with the list. You know, maybe they do not really want to do it, so how to execute such orders — is absurd, so they are happy to bypass where you can get around. I advise everyone, Sasha Kullinkovich including, without worry, and especially not prasyakatstsa this situation. After all, all the time so it will be: a ban, then thawed. More after the famous trek to the famous official who now too, all to the left and to the right and forbid closing, I immediately said that it is not necessary to wait for the undisputed fetus, because at any moment everything can change in this state. As it turned out, now that the authorities have changed after certain events.

— So how do you propose to take and have to live with it, or still trying to somehow change this situation?

— It is necessary to collect the ban, it is necessary to punch and announce concerts. As soon as the concert is not to give — should demand explanations. In some embodiments it can be legally solved. In short, we have the mechanisms.

— That is not to perish?

— No, this is not 2005. Well, let the concert there — a new song you can always hang out in the Nat, as we did with "Faith, hope." And the video did that a lot of people seeing it.

— End of the program to you, Levon, as every guest the "White list of Freedom" offers to play live. What song do?

— As we now travel around with the program "White Thunder apple", then chose a song from there. In general, after the winter events, it sounds very organic. This song words Pimen Panchenko "To say I hate." And recite the poem forward.



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