Letters from the Other World

November 13, 2012 17:58

The woman, whose son died in the crash, said that the late writing letters, using her hand. Deceased tells his mother about what happened to him after death. 52-year-old Sally from Herne Bay, located in Kent, remembers in detail the tragic day when her son was in an accident.

"Tony came home from work, took a shower and sat down to dinner. During the meal, he called a friend and asked my son to walk. Tony said he would return home in a few hours and play with his brothers on the console. I then said, "Look, do not be late, because they will soon have to go to bed."

At about 20:30 called my daughter and said that Tony had an accident, and she was going to the hospital, where he delivered the "first." I did not know how serious it was an accident, but she knew that he had come on the day that I was so afraid, every time, when Tony came out of the door, I felt that he might not come back, "- says the grieving mother.

The doctors did everything in their power to save the young man, who fell into a coma, but to no avail — eight days Tony died without regaining consciousness. At the funeral of her friend Sally saw the deceased's son, who told heartbroken mother that she and Tony were going to go to a psychic. The woman has not given the value of this information, too dispirited to talk with those present at the burial.

However, a few days after the funeral, Sally received a note from a psychic, which reported that the psychic came a young man named Tony. "He wrote the following information about my child, who only knew me. The psychic said that his son would come to me and try to talk. Medium advised me to sit in a dark room, quietly, holding a pen and paper, and ask Tony to answer my questions in writing, "- says Sally.

According to 52-year-old woman in the first session with the spirit of the son she was cold and scared. Sally says that writing the first word of an hour left. All the while, she felt the icy touch of his hand. But she soon got used to and began to chat with Tony more at ease. "The son said that he was now in a very different world, and it does not have the words to describe what they see.

Tony says that this place is full of vivid colors and sensations of kindness. Son met there two sons, who never came into being — pregnancy of his two former girls miscarried. He explained that the unborn children serve as spiritual mentors. Tony asked me to tell people that we should love and respect each other. This is the secret of happiness and peace.

The worst thing for the parents — the death of their child. But now I know that my boy is happy, because he said he wanted to stay in that other world. No parent can not ask for more than to know that his child is safety. This is the greatest comfort in the world "- with tears in her eyes said she pacified.

Anna Romantsev

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