Lineup of vehicles of SILANT

Company SILANT (Novgorod) produces versatile range of specialized vehicles with turbo diesel engine of 3.3 liters. SILANT — is a reliable, feature-rich vysokoprohodimy vehicle (ATV) having a frame structure, which allows you to set it all possible attachments.

A number of characteristics of the car SILANT:

• Optional front and rear hitch with PTO promotes broad functionality
• Compliance with environmental standards Euro-3
• It has a speed range of 1.6 to 85 km / h
• Exceptional cross ensured wheel drive (4×4) and a reduction gear
• High endurance car off the road due to heavy frame construction
• One machine can replace a light truck and tractor — Class End 0.9
• Comfortable transportation to the work site up to 7 people, along with special features
• Completion of high-end off-road tires Czech company «MITAS»
• Cost-turbo «Perkins» production capacity of 3.3 liters United Kingdom
• Aggressive, charismatic design
• Ergonomic 3-berth cabin (increased visibility for the driver, air conditioning in the database)
• The vehicle is designed using serial components and assemblies GAS
• Analogues of the vehicle not manufactured in Russia

The range includes:

Universal municipal road car with high-performance hydraulic system (with a snow-brush equipment moldboard)

Small forest patrol set to participate in extinguishing forest fires and patrolling the area

Communal city car with cranes and snow moldboard-brush equipment.

Expedition vehicle for the forest industry and game farms. * Vehicle has a protective color

Special off-road vehicle search and rescue service for the carriage of Emergency explosives (mine).

Technology of production

Production TSSHV includes the following process stages:
A) Logistics:
• Site unloading and warehousing;
• Cold storage of metal and car parts with a margin of 14 days;
• Warehouse storage materials and fuel;
• The storage area rubber and tire section.
B) Blank production:
• Areas of the cutting and bending of metal;
• Site preparation of the frame;
B) Welding booths frames, frames, loading platforms and light welded modules:
• The complex welding and assembly frame cabin;
• The complex welding and assembly loading platforms;
• The complex welding and assembly and modification of frames;
• Areas of the original weld welded modules.
D) Painting production:
• Site preparation for painting (with the transport system and tunnel surface preparation, working with application of blasting);
• Powder coating line with the transport system and the drive dyed products (frame cabin, cargo bed, the frame elements, lightweight welded modules);
D) Assembly production (main car assembly production):
• Operating the picking warehouse, located near the main assembly line with a daily supply of automotive components;
• Line cab assembly;
• Area of land for building modules — engine, gearbox, climate system, front module, the hood;
• Line chassis assembly;
• final assembly line;
• Line monitoring and testing with sites of removal of defects;
• The test section of the road.
E) Workshop on equipment weighed, and add-ons:
• The site equipment HITCH;
• The site is to equip add-ons;
• Additional area with areas to eliminate the defects.
F) Storage of finished products:
• Site acceptance of finished goods to the warehouse;
• Storage of finished products;
• Area of shipment.
• SCHEME production cycles

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