Lithuania will strengthen links with the Lithuanians Belarus

The Lithuanian government is prepared to consider measures to preserve the cultural identity of the people of Belarus Lithuanian origin and their relations with Lithuania, — the BNS.

At the meeting of the Cabinet will consider the measures proposed by the working group formed by the Prime Minister at the end of 2010. Among the proposed measures — helping Lithuanian schools, Sunday Lithuanian schools, libraries, improving the material conditions of the Lithuanian educational institutions, cultural institutions, professional life, go to work in Belarus, Lithuania uvekavechannya significant for cultural heritage in Belarus.

It is also proposed to consider the possibility of introducing the position of cultural attaché in Belarus. The introduction of this post has been approved by the Government in February 2008, However, in October 2009and she was eliminated.

Moreover, working group to consider offers to facilitate the issuance of national visas multiple Lithuanians living abroad and who come to Lithuania to study and consider the possibility of organizing in Lithuania annual training courses for school leavers — ethnic Lithuanians who want to study in higher schools of Lithuania.

These and other measures will be implemented in 2011-2012.

According to the website of the Embassy of Lithuania in Belarus, now in Belarus live about 30 thousand Lithuanians.

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