Living in Ukraine dog-tert parkurist never ceases to amaze with their abilities

3 January 2013 22:18

Staffordshisky Terrier became the star of the Internet and TV, has added hundreds of fans around the world, and now invited to coaching.

The most famous dog in Ukraine and, perhaps the whole world wide web. Staffordshire Terrier Rubs captivated millions of fans with their outstanding talent.

It seems to him there are no obstacles. T easy peremahivaet over the parapet and whole stairs, safely climb trees and like a circus acrobat, gracefully walking at altitude. Six-foot fence for him — utter nonsense.

Even when a person drifts to his knees, and he was almost to his ears, the obstacle Rubs literally flies in one go.

All tricks are the only European dog-parkurist performs without insurance. Climb the wall of a medieval castle — there is nothing easier.

Photographer Eugene saw the puppy in the poultry market in native Chernivtsi. Parents initially discouraged start dog fighting breeds. But on the first night itself fell in love with red fidget.

"I came home and the dog sits on the refrigerator in half-year-old age, like a cat, I was shocked by how he managed to climb up on the nightstand to guess, but with tables on the refrigerator, well, everything from how it all started," — says owner Treta Eugene Elchaninov.

Now the third 6. And he's a real star. Starred in dozens of movies and commercials.

"There was an offer from the sheikh of a man from Saudi Arabia, wrote that he was prepared to pay the money as soon as the amount assigned — 20 thousand dollars and pay all take away a dog. My answer was short: a brother you would sell it? "- Says Eugene owner Treta Elchaninov.
All tricks Treta — continuous improvisation. This is his unique style. On the Internet at Chernivtsi parkurista many quadrupeds followers.

And recently, with the third Eugene invited guards — to train dogs. Dog-parkurist goes to coaching.

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