London: Mosquitoes Prefer Blondes




Everyone knows that the long-haired blonde never be left unattended at any party of men. But if the party is held in the open air, the beauty will have to fight not only from prying fans. Professor Andrew Spaylmen, one of the foremost experts on mosquitoes and their disease-tolerated, in his treatise on these little blood-sucking creatures argues that redheads and blondes are more attractive for people bloodsuckers. And the effect is the same force that causes the head to rotate after these people for secular parties — they just stand out from the crowd. Mosquitoes like people who draw contrasts, says Professor Spaylmen. After all, if a company is located on the piknichok in nature, there is a long-haired blonde in a bright dress and all the other dark-haired, it is clear who would be brought to everyone's attention. And the mosquitoes in this area is not an exception. But when the mosquito chooses his victim, he is attracted and some more features than the spectacular hair. For example, studies have shown that the preferred prey of these insects are women in the "critical days", people with odorous feet, as well as those who sweats heavily.

Battery News, 05.01.2005 16:05
Source: Yahoonews

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