Long-distance Wi-Fi in Siberia


MTS and Tobolskoye passenger motor company (Tyumen region) implemented the first project in the Urals provide free Wi-Fi-Fi Internet coaches.

At the initial stage, Wi-Fi will be able to enjoy the passengers of the flight Tyumen — Tobolsk (travel time — about 4.5 hours). In MTS assure that the Internet will be available on all transit bus. Average speed — 2 Mbits per second: it is enough for surfing the Internet, view photos and videos of average quality.

MTS for this project is commercial: routers and traffic pays the carrier.

Transport facilities Wi-Fi — the idea is not new to the Urals. However, until the last moment, all projects were implemented in urban lines. The leader in this area — MTS. The company in 2011 equipped the 3G-routers are two bus routes in Surgut (Yugra), and two tram in Magnitogorsk (Chelyabinsk region) and Perm.

Megaphone in November of 2011 launched the Internet's most popular trolleybus route Perm (passenger — about 3 thousand people a day). Speed — up to 7.2 megabits per second, the simultaneous access to the network with 32 nodes. In the near future Megaphone — Tyumen.

In lagging VimpelCom (Beeline TM): Wi-Fi operator until only one equipped with trolley in Chelyabinsk. However, according to a source in the company, the operator almost reached an agreement to equip Wi-Fi trams in the most prosperous city — Ekaterinburg.

The scheme of cooperation in all cases is about the same: telecom-equipment operator for free equips several routes in the test period does not charge for traffic. The Administration or the transport company for the agreed time assess the effect of the implementation, take a decision on its folding or expansion. In the future, all relationships are transferred to a commercial footing: 3G-routers and the traffic is paid by the customer.

The cost of implementing such projects are small. The cost of the router — no more than 4 thousand rubles, the price of traffic — not more than one thousand rubles a month.

While data on the effectiveness of such projects is not much. More or less accurate figures has commercial director of the Ural branch of Megafon Sergei Alferov: "For the month of subscribers in Perm through Wi-Fi to transport more than 100 MB download information. Average speeds depend on the number of simultaneous users, the location of transport. During testing, the fixed rate of up to 2.7 megabits per second ".

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