Lost a patriot of — Viktor Ilyukhin

Lost a Russian patriot - Victor Ilyukhin
On the night of March 19 to 20 in the suburbs suddenly died Duma deputy Viktor Iliukhin. The reason for death — acute cardiac deficiency, reports the website of the Communist Party. He was not so long ago was only just 62.

Ilyuhina knew all of our motherland. People of different political views respected him for his firmness of temper, will, uncompromising willingness to defend its position. In the 80's, when the Soviet Union began to appear feverish and "hot spots", Ilyuhina sent to investigate the incident events in Nagorno-Karabakh, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Ferghana, etc.

He was one of those who is swimming against the tide, no matter what difficulties and in 1991 Iliukhin filed a criminal case against Misha Gorbachev under Art. 64 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation — "Treason." After a day or two of Viktor Ivanovich was fired from the prosecutor's office.

At the moment, hard to believe, but in the murky years of liberal reform concepts such as patriotism and great power, in every way were subjected to ridicule and "zagazhivaniyu." Then promoted the idea of "embedding in commodity-money relations," and people with the principles of frequent yarlychek "do not fit into the market." But Iliukhin always acted as a patriot and statesman. In the 90 years he alternately criticized the policies of Boris Yeltsin came to a parliamentary commission that examined the question of impeachment against the first president of Russia. In the Duma, Viktor held the post of Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Constitutional Legislation and municipal construction, was a member of the commission for legislative support against corruption. He participated in the work on the Laws "On Weapons", "On operative-search activity", "On the outside exploration," "On the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation", "On the fight against terrorism." In addition to parliamentary activities, led the movement in support of the army, defense industry and military science, writing articles and books, among them — "The case of Mikhail Gorbachev," "Leaders and werewolves."

In the near future Iliukhin closely involved in the circumstances "Katyn incident." According to the official Russian version of the 1944 Polish citizens were shot in 1941 by German occupation forces. This conclusion was based on the opinion of the commission, chaired by Academician Nikolai Burdenko, who worked in 1944 in Katyn. But in 1990, management has recognized the responsibility of the NKVD of the USSR for the execution of Polish people.

That catastrophe — not just a historical episode. As demonstrated by the data of sociologists, a significant part of Polish society considers shooting Poles genocide. Admission of guilt of the USSR not only pounding the prestige of the Russian Federation as the successor to today's Russian Union, and makes assumptions for claims of compensation in favor of the currency of relatives of victims of the shooting. So here, Iliukhin openly and vigorously challenged the prevailing version, according to which the responsibility for the settlement of Polish prisoners has control of the USSR.

According to the views of the writer Yuri Mukhin, on Ilyuhina "to confine access to technical artist fakes, based on which the Duma and the President made a statement about wine in their killing of the USSR;

— he kept real confirmation that prove fraud Katyn massacre;

— He was due to speak the main and only witness in court for recognition of the information contained in the fakes on the Katyn case.

Now he was gone. And he's not the first prosecutor, who was killed by counterfeiters Katyn massacre.

In preparation for the consideration of the Katyn case at the International military tribunal in Nuremberg Polish Attorney R. Martini had to find witnesses atrocities Germans. There was still a lot. When, in 1941, the Germans captured Russian prisoners of war camp with Polish officers, not all officers are pleased to expect German captivity. Part of wanting to fight, fled, part went to the protection of the camps. In the main these were Polish officers, Jews, and in 1946, they have not had time to check out all of Poland. And the fact that the Poles destroyed the Germans, R. Martini did not hesitate — Dr. Olbracht Segalevich substantiated and that the committee Butz, to "prove" that destroyed the Russian prisoners, that is absurd.

But Martin did not have time to prepare witnesses, since he was killed. When Russian troops liberated Poland, then part of the Polish Home Army joined the Polish Army and could even serve as Poland. A part remained true to the Polish government in exile — has remained an irregular situation and has kept in touch with him. Martini killed March 30, 1946 fighter of the 16th company of the "Gilbert" Wroblewski C. Lubich, specifically this part of AK. This fighter with a 1945 law is working policeman. In this case, Martin was killed in a time when the British Poles pokes at his fake court that the Polish officers at Katyn destroyed Russian.

And it was not the last killed prosecutor.

At the Nuremberg trials to provide the Germans charged with the murder of Poles in Katyn forest and had to justify his Russian Prosecutor, Assistant Prosecutor Nicholas Russian Dimitrovich Zorya. He's been preparing for this. But the May 22, 1946 N. Zorya was found murdered in his own hotel room in Nuremberg. The investigation into his death led investigators to the conclusion that it was "careless appeal to arms." In another way, then they explain that murder could not.

And now here — VI Iliukhin. What is it — the wiser?

Curiously, on the part of counterfeiters Katyn massacre any similar murders were not. Their only god clean up, and even though, at times, clean up abruptly as it had with the plane near Smolensk, but only God.

The endless memory for you, Viktor. "

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