Lukashenko builders working abroad: paying communal and 100% for medical care

Concessional lending to housing will be reduced, the city residents have to build themselves a home for yourself, builders working abroad, will make a 100% pay for public services and health care — it was announced today, Alexander Lukashenko, visiting the construction site in the neighborhood of the village of number 5 "East "in Minsk.

On concessional lending to housing

People should just say that to the extent concessional lending to, we can not. Free to the extent to build more housing we will not.

Concessional lending will not be stopped, but it will be reduced by the amount that the government will be able to survive.

It is necessary to define clearly and distinctly, whom we support, the government should decide everything clearly defined and people say.

We can not recklessly, in including and at the expense of emission, throw money into housing, and agriculture.

On the construction of housing in Minsk

I am inclined to think that the citizens of Minsk to afford to build housing themselves if they want to live in Minsk.

Minsk — it's a feature, and this feature should be approached carefully. Acuity is created due to the fact that everyone wants to live in Minsk.

Lgotirovat housing and nudge people need to go where needed labor. We must proceed from the principles on which the world lives, and lgotirovat those who need.
On the construction savings

Building savings should only be under the control of the state, any private traders. When "Belarusbank", "Belagroprombank" is practiced, it is under their responsibility.

About the Belarusian builders working abroad

We should be "flying" to say you went unorganized earn another state and the country does not bring money. Go. But, first: utility absolutely family pays. Medical support your personal and family and children, we do not touch, absolutely pay.

You're not talking about the social burden, the state is not helping. So come for communal and medabespyachenne patched. Then he will think a thousand times: to go or not to go … And so, broke his leg, his head turned away there, and we treat it for free here. Utilities are paid by 22-25%, not 100%. Earned money — pay. Because we left here, we pay taxes, contains health, communal. We do not forbid to go, but the pay here.

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