Lukashenko: No need to use the experience of terrorist attacks Andropov

Alexander Lukashenko in connection with the terrorist attack in Minsk subway demanded bring order to the organizations and businesses, including increased severity of labor discipline, Interfax reported.

"Today I want to draw the attention of all leaders: clean up. Working Time must be given to the work, no chatter, and so on, "- said Lukashenko, hearing the report of the investigation of the explosion in the Minsk metro.

Lukashenko noted that the analysis of the situation at the plant where he worked defendant shows "practice bezgaspadarnastsi, protectionism, indifference adarvanastsi leaders from the people of the weak human and ideological work."

"We begin to understand and find out that ethe man could easily get away from work, collect balls, rollers, fittings and go about their business in including — testing explosives in the woods. And no one has seen, "- said the head of state.

According to Lukashenko, in cases bezgaspadarnastsi in the public sector and among private traders decisions must be made immediately. "We have the experience of Soviet times Andropov. Like it or not, but about how we should force everyone to work" — said Lukashenko.

Along the way, Lukashenko said that he had information that "some of our bureaucrats are trying to shut people's mouth."

"That this can not be allowed in any case," — said the president.

"Man, having fulfilled their time, in certain places, at home, as in the present democratic state has the right to express their point of view, and no one has the right to interfere with this," — he added.

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