Lukashenko took up the order

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko urged to restore order in the society due to the circumstances of the explosion in the Minsk metro on April 11.

May 5, Alexander Lukashenko heard another report on the investigation into the explosion in the Minsk metro. At this time, official sources do not provide any new details related to the investigation of the attack. Lukashenko but already talking about a "defendant." The Belarusian leader ordered to clean up all institutions, organizations, factories and generally in society. For an analysis of the situation at the plant where he worked accused Lukashenko said:

"We begin to understand, ethe man could easily get away from work. Balls, rollers, valves cut, dial. And take care of business, including testing explosives in the woods. And no one, supposedly, it is not seen. All this needs to stop. Put tough. We have experience in Soviet times there. Times Andropov. Like it or not, but about how we should force everyone to work. "

We have experience in Soviet times there. Times Andropov. Like it or not, but about how we should force everyone to work.

According to Lukashenko, the reasons that contributed to the crime are not only flaw in the law enforcement agencies. Like, "in educational institutions and businesses more confusion than is necessary."

Commenting on the nostalgia for the days of Andropov, the former chairman of the Supreme Council Mieczyslaw Mushroom said that this is a long forgotten past:

"To strengthen the discipline to force people to work, forced — it never gave nothing. I support the idea that at each production, the organization had a specific discipline. But the force is very difficult to do. Who would ever, in the Russian Empire or in other countries, did not try to do it, no one is no good. We must look for other approaches that people are interested in their work. Then do not have to stand over them with a stick and with a whip. Even in the camps where people were standing on different observers, it is still sachkavali people, and they did everything they were told. "

Mushroom believes that it is not related to terrorism, as people could be unemployed and would "do its dirty work." Comment on the investigation into the explosion in the Minsk metro Mushroom refused, because it has a special warning prosecutors.

Earlier, during a meeting with reporters, the chief investigative council Prosecutor General Andrei Swede said that the two suspects in the blast case accused initiated several criminal cases. One consequence of the suspects indicted in relation to explosions on 14 and 22 September 2005 in Vitebsk and in the night of 3 to 4 July 2008 in Minsk. According to the Swede, the crimes committed at least one person. Until now, officially named names. The press has featured the names of Dmitri Konovalov and Kovalev Vlad. Them to 25 years, they have been friends since high school, grew up in the same yard. Some data on prospective customers or organizers of the attack until the investigation has not. In the case are four other suspects. According to media reports, were detained by the elder brother and the father of the main suspect, who worked as a turner in Vitebsk. Then his father and brother were released. Another suspect in the attack, a neighbor, a carpenter, also on the loose. It is possible that released and the girlfriend of the main accused, student private university.


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