Lytkarino: for whom hunting ghost bride?

November 19, 2011 16:30

Night, deserted road … Suddenly, there is a windshield blurry white spot. At the moment the driver think it's black-haired girl dressed in a wedding dress. Sudden braking — and the car blows out of the way … This is the story of many legends about the "Road of Death" in Lytkarino.

This informal name is part of the route "Lyubertsy-Lytkarino" driving from Ryazan in a village near Moscow Pehorka. Smooth asphalt road was laid along the pine forest. Until recently, there and then there were a car accident.

Around — the wreaths on the trees on the roadside crosses and skeletons of wrecked cars … It is said that under the trail at this point is an ancient tomb or a pagan temple. And yet — that the road is going up the hill, though it seems straightforward, hence the accident.

In 2003, by order of the governor then place a warning sign "dangerous stretch of road," and "speed bumps." Drivers have to slow down, and the number of accidents declined. However, in 2005-06. rumors of ghosts, suddenly appeared before a car windshield. Some believed that the ghosts of the dead is on the road, others — that the souls of the dead buried in the old cemetery, which lies under the asphalt at great depths.

Another theory is that in the era of Stalinist terror in the local quarries worked cons. Because of poor working conditions, many of them died, and the bodies were buried in the forest next to the road career …

Witnesses said that sometimes come out of the forest silhouettes of small growth in hoods like gnomes … They say, "run over" by this "dwarf" is considered a very bad omen: soon someone close dies.

Very often here see the ghost girl in a white wedding dress … It is associated with one occurring in these parts tragedy. The fact that a number is the so-called "Glade brides', which is traditionally the bride and groom arrive. It is believed that if the "mark" in this glade, family life will be happy. All the trees are festooned with colorful ribbons there and bottles of champagne.

But there are those who believe that such a custom — not good. Like, the "Glade brides" live restless soul, and giving them a tribute, the "guests" bind them to itself forever … So, visiting mystical place, it is necessary to go to church and light a candle.

The story goes that one day on the track crashed a wedding procession, died bride. Indeed, at one of the roadside trees and wreaths hanging plaque in memory of the bride, who was killed in a car accident

About the ghost bride (video with his image, by the way, posted on the web) tell different. Someone just saw blurry bright silhouette, and someone — a translucent girl in a white dress with black hair … Sometimes a figure in white crosses the street … Sometimes the driver and passengers see a very real girl who stops the car and asks to drive, and leaves mostly near the pits …
On one of the forums on anomalschine Lytkarino, I found a lot of stories about encounters with this "Woman in White", many respondents reported that after being confronted with it, or a stranger drove up, got in a very serious accident — for example, cut into in a tree …

Sometimes people do not see at this point is nothing unusual, but the images captured by a camera or a mobile phone, then appeared the mysterious shadows, and even obscure people's faces. Besides the "bride" has seen some "man in white", "a man in a black suit" (possibly the groom?) And spherical objects, the latter being seen as assure local residents, not only in the "Road of Death", but and in the Lytkarino.

Another rumor has it that in 1812, the road has been cursed by the retreating French soldiers. But residents believe this version Lytkarino untenable.

Several years ago, a research expedition association "Kosmopoisk" carefully examined the area Lytkarino. Researchers "Kosmopoisk" headed V.Chernobrovym interested countries funnel near the "Road of Death", which he said local resident V.Korenkov. The diameter of one of the craters was about 100 m, depth — about 5 m near the ground could see the trees, apparently ejected outward explosion. Inside the crater and ground shafts growing pine and spruce. It was found that the age of the trees — at least 150 years. According to scientists, the funnel itself originated from 150 to 1000 years ago.

Inside the pit were found rusted metal debris — presumably fragments of unknown body weighing several tons, exploded here in ancient times.
Rather, it is a meteorite. Metal fragments transferred to the laboratory for investigation. V.Chernobrov and his colleagues do not rule out that it is the fall of a meteorite caused the glory of this anomalous zone — are underground voids, over which and paved highways. And in these areas often present different physical fields that affect people, for example, causing hallucinations.
Author: Irina Shlionskaya

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