Machu Picchu — the technology of liquid stone

Mysterious Machu Picchu have repeatedly covered on our site, but each time the questions do not disappear, and there are all new. Just grow and theories about the creation, appointment facilities, as well as the inhabitants of this amazing "fortress." This article is one of the assumptions about how to make the megaliths, of which built most of this magical place. It is, an assumption is that the huge blocks of irregular shape, but perfectly fitted to each other simply poured into molds

By the way, Machu Picchu — the actual name of the Inca settlement. This name was given to the city by local, this is the name we probably will never know, and they do not know how much the Incas lived in this castle, and why is it needed to build a city so far from the center of the state, and even on top of a mountain , at an altitude of 2057 meters …

American Hiram Bingham spent in search of Machu Picchu a few years, until July 24, 1911 he was finally out of luck.

Neither the Spanish conquistadors who invaded Peru in the XVI century, nor those who came here after them, neither the Incas, who lived at Machu Picchu — have left any written evidence that the city exists. Most likely, the Spaniards could not even think that one of the mountains there is a settlement of the Incas. Abandoned ancient city was discovered only in the beginning of the XX century …

According to the scientist, the traveler Andrey Sklyarov ("Peru and Bolivia long before the Incas"), to Machu Picchu, "we are dealing with two fundamentally different phases of construction, spaced in time. Moreover, the technology to the second phase of construction is much lower construction technology of the first phase. And when you consider all the differences in these technologies, it is clear that we must speak not only of the two periods of construction, but also the fact that the builders of the first and second stage does not even belong to different cultures and to different civilizations! "

From the point of view of conservatives, Machu Picchu was founded by Emperor Pachacutec Inca around 1400 BC Ha actually Machu Picchu was founded Viracocha famous sons. From the point of view of an alternative real science of Machu Picchu and many other artifacts in South America are closely related to the mission of the aristocrat Aatlantidy — Viracocha, which c a small group of survivors of Atlantis sailed to the coast of South America.

Frightened by the flood, Viracocha and the team rose to the top line of the Andes. Ozera near Titicaca they found an active volcano and began to build the house — do megaliths of liquid stone. They are normally produced plenty of pottery and clay molds for building stones — for small and ordinary megalithic stone blocks. There still remained a huge stove, built of megaliths, for baking pottery: small and large earthenware clay molds for megaliths.

For this volcanic technologies have been built many artifacts in the world. They are normally able to make megaliths and small building blocks near the volcano, and then taken to the site. They are normally also could deliver liquid stone in place and create snogsshibatelnye and incomprehensible to researchers — fi polygonal masonry.

Many of the pre-Flood and post-Flood polygonal masonry and megalithic made by volcanic technologies Atlantis: Sacsayhuaman, Puma Punku (Quechua Puma Punku), Tiwanaku, Angkor Bat, Baalbek, Nimrod Fortress, Fortress Ierusalime, Egypt, Ethiopia, in Carthage, Troia (in Ephesus), etc.

Of course any modern, sensible person would never use liquid stone head of a volcano — in the era of cement and other modern technologies.

A. Sklyarov definitely thinking in the right direction, but there is a piquant moment in the making of megaliths. It is that boulders, which are constructed of a pyramid and the like structures, cast on site in the form of liquid clay stone obtained by melting sand special chemical acid. The size of the building blocks is directly dependent on the amount of blood vessels in which the melting of sand (gravel). And because process took quite a long time, it is not allowed to cast whole walls at once.



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