Man is born!

Do you remember how you were born? I do not. Meanwhile, there is a theory that the circumstances of the appearance of man on light affect his whole life.

If we believe this theory, feet forward born great originals. Those of us who are a little "outlasted" in my mother's belly — most hate long lines and uncertainty. Appeared ahead of time — "Speedy" for life. And those who have helped to come to this world by caesarean section, have difficulty with the decision and is usually inferior to the conflict — they were not used to fight. Unwanted children are living with the feeling that they are not wanted and are fond of saying, "I always like the wrong time." If mom had the good sense to say about his new-born baby: "Oh, what's that he's so ugly?" — It will be too fussy about their appearance. If you were waiting for her son, and was born — a daughter, she probably will grow in the strong-willed, determined woman. That's the theory.

African Passion

When I first about all heard about it (and that was 10 years ago) — as soon as her mother was puzzled question: "I was born? Tell all the details! "Mom assured them that I was a welcome child labor were on time without any problems, and I was born this beauty. However, there was an unusual moment. Was present at my birth … a crowd of African students — physicians were trained in the Soviet Union. It turns out, the first thing in my life I saw a group of black people in white coats. Did this affect my life? On all children's photos I captured with a favorite toy — plastic Negro. I loved the cartoon "Chunga-Changa" and constantly singing songs from it. But the crowd of my childhood fear. Especially terrifies me need to speak to a lot of people, when all the attention of the audience (even if they are not Africans) riveted me. It turns out that for me all the same as that reflected the story with the "Dr. Dolittle" from the shores of the Limpopo.

Back to the future!

The author of this theory — the famous Czech-American psychologist Stanislav Grof. Describing the experience of the child while in the womb and birth of identified four basic perinatal (perinatal) matrix. On how a person goes through them, depends on his fate. Simply put, each of us could hang in one of the matrices, and play it for life.

One: Matrix naivety

It starts from the moment of conception and continues until birth. This — "golden period" for the child. Mom in the tummy a little man lives simply in ideal conditions: there he is absolutely secure, temperature — the most comfortable, food is delivered promptly.

Welcome and well mature child as an adult is capable of great love and deep affection.

If the pregnancy was a problem (the mother smoked, drank, my parents did not want the child, thinking about abortion) — subconsciously absorb the program "I did not expect," "I'm no use to anyone in this world."

Two: Matrix victims

Nothing lasts forever — a period of complete bliss and peace could be coming to an end. Baby begins to suspect that over him, "the clouds are gathering." And when the fight starts, then he does panics because his comfortable world is crumbling!

Everyone experiences this period differently: someone desperately seeking a way out, and someone — stops and awaits his fate. If the matrix is successful, one develops the qualities of patience, the ability to bring the case to the end, do not panic in a desperate situation. And those of us who have been particularly bad in the "dungeon" in adult life may be afraid of enclosed spaces or often fall into the spleen.

Third: The Matrix fight

Finally, it attempts to start, and with them, and the third matrix. Little man was absolutely in despair, but then there is "light at the end of the tunnel." To him, our hero and rushes. It is only necessary to pass the ultimate test — to get to freedom.

If the matrix takes place safely, the child produces the active force and determination. If the kid helped birth (C-section was done, the stimulation, etc.) — there is a danger that he will not just make a decision.

Fourth: Matrix Freedom

The idea is that it should be a "return to heaven." This reunion of the child with his mother, which ideally should be: baby mom put on his stomach, is applied to the chest. Heat the mother's body, the beating of her heart, the familiar smell — quiet little hero. He once again feel safe. This is the reward for patience — and for mom and baby. In short, this is the first real victory! But in this case, if the child is allowed at least for a time to reunite with his mother.

If all this was not, the child may develop panic left without a mother. And with age, he turns into the fear of loneliness.


All this as a kind of sad, is not it? But the good news is that the matrix — a piece of flexible, they continue to form in the first few years of life. Therefore, my mother is always possible to adjust the situation:

1) If the pregnancy was unexpected, you had doubts — to keep the child or not — often tell him of her love.

2) If you waiting for the baby of the opposite sex, often refer to the unborn child, making aktsen in his field, "boy" or "my girl."

3) When used in childbirth stimulation — Give your child the opportunity to decide: what toy to take a walk, have some soup for lunch, mittens what color to buy? Let chooses!

4) Those children who were born with cesarean, did not pass through the second and third matrix. In order for them to grow more attuned to life in front of them to put more certain toy obstacles that a child must be overcome. Would benefit from even the usual skiing down the hills (with the indispensable joyful meeting with his mother at the finish).

5) If the newly born baby too quickly separated from their mother,
next three years, my mother is spending time with him as much as possible. And of course, we should not rush to send such a baby in a manger or "surrender" to the care of the grandmother or nanny.

And for those who at all costs want to know, is not "stuck" if he himself accidentally in any matrix, Stanislav Grof offers to try holotropic breathing. With this breathing technique (it should only be done under supervision!), We can remember all the things that he experienced in the womb and during birth. This is surprising and sometimes inexplicable, but after such a "second birth" people get rid of a lot of problems, it becomes soft, and his life — a harmonious.

They say you can not be born again, to change its start … Well, but you can be born now to change your life for the better. Never too late to start over from scratch!

Stories with "Mama" forum:

Natalie 1982 When I found out I was pregnant with her second child, tell the little boy. He looked at my stomach and said, "Lialechka sitting there?" I nodded. "It's dark and wet" — he said. I was just shocked. Then he was 3 years old, he is now five — nothing like he does not speak and does not remember.

Vera: When I heard of your baby such talk, just taken aback … Another boy said that when he was sitting in his tummy, played there with a wire. This, as I understand, the umbilical cord. Wow, are many children had such conversations. Why is there is so little written and said? I think people take a different attitude to the birth.

Milam: My dochkamnogo repeat, chtopomnit like sitting in the dark. Says, "there with me was a snake, but it is not poisonous." Is it too mean umbilical cord?

Zoya Christmas, psychologist

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