Managers Ltd. Contursi-SDM have been trained at the factory HTC in Sweden

At the end of February 2013 staff, LLC "Contursi-SDM" returned from a trip to Sweden, where he received training in the factory HTC.

The Swedish company HTC — one of the undoubted leaders in the European market, sales of equipment for grinding and polishing concrete, marble and granite. In the 20 years of its existence, the company has developed effective machinery for use in many areas. 

One of the latest innovations introduced by the specialists of HTC in the global construction industry was the development of a unique technology of construction of concrete floors Superfloor. New technology allows you to create the perfect Superfloor floor with a smooth surface of conventional concrete floors using equipment HTC.

Great interest in Superfloor expressed in Russian "Contursi-SDM." In February 2013 the leading company employees have been trained at the Academy and HTC's own hand, with the help of equipment HTC, created superfloor-gloss.

Training of employees at the plant was the beginning to establish strong and lasting business relationships with HTC. As part of the cooperation of "Contursi-SDM" received exclusive rights to supply equipment to Russian HTC and the status of authorized service center.

Now, after getting the basic skills in working with technology, "Contursi-SDM" Superfloor intends to popularize the Russian consumer market, "After the first batch of equipment will arrive to our warehouse, we will hold a presentation in our warehouse, and out of our old, worldly-wise concrete floor superfloor we will do! "- shares his impressions Semaev Andrei.
For more information about the event can be accessed by Semaevu Andrei Andreyevich, Senior Sales Manager Ltd. "Konturs-SDM" by phone +7 (495) 500-68-71 or e-mail:

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Ltd. "Konturs-SDM" was founded in 1991. Main specialization: the implementation of construction equipment, machinery for various purposes, the provision of equipment leasing and rental, warranty and post-warranty services, services for pre-sales.

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