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I looked on the internet, which only metodichek not found. And to expose the "agents of the State Department-navalnintsev" and "how ruthless expose" totalitarian sect. "The most fun I decided to collect specimens. They write with humor, fun and fun. Suggest assessed not in terms of political intrigue, and easier. As literary opus. Enjoy.


lecturer, activist, the hawks in the vast headings with the totalitarian regime of Putin


More and more often fall into a dead end at professional online resources? Ridiculed by your one true position — Once again you could not answer the question of the opponent, "and what kind of industry in Russia ruined the" dictator Putin? " Or the mighty Soviet Yeltsin? Then this is the guide for you, inquisitive and ardent opponent of the bloody and criminal regime, a champion of true European values.


1. Definitions and Terminology

"Puten" — a bloody dictator, the leader of the gang of "St. Petersburg" security officers, with his accomplices had seized power in Russia, only to destroy the country and fill their pockets. Aka "Putler", "ny", "puteng";

"Russia" — jacked "putenym" and his gang of pathetic stub of the once mighty Soviet-ii, a country with a totalitarian regime, the poor, the illiterate population that is continually "heading into the abyss." Synonym — "Rush". Try not to use "Raska", which is a synonym for it in many forums banyat. For a true liberal must never forget that "Rush" — is "Asia." It is better with adjectives "wild", "backward", etc.;

"Potsreot" — any person who uses the word "Putin" instead of "puten", "Russia" instead of "Rush", disagrees with your opinion only right that the "Rasch" everything is bad and it rolls to the imminent destruction. Synonym for "potsreoty" — "jingoistic patriot", "patstreoteg";

"Intellectual" — a man who dreams of leaving the "Rashi", but due to the lack of opportunity to observe it for decades, "heading into the abyss." "Intellectuals" are not necessarily higher, and any education. Enough to declare himself "the conscience of the nation" and start chatting in accordance with these instructions;

"Proplachenny agent of the Kremlin" — an opponent who uses facts and statistics for the answer;

"Edrosnya, edros salaried, Nashi" — do not swear any government and objecting to criticism in any form;

"Western democracy" — any acts of the European Union and the United States, including the bombing of other countries;

"Freedom" — the main feature of "Western democracy" mean the same thing

"Petrodollars" — the basic wealth "Rashi", which is a lot of give and if people would all be rich. But the dictator "poo" and his band of all stolen.

"Liberal values" — "Western democracy", "freedom" (see above), which blatantly violates the dictator "puteng" with his gang.

"The people" — all "intellectuals", "rashi" and agree with them. The others — fatcat bureaucrats "Nashi" "cattle";

2. General advice:

2.1 The most important thing. Remember, in the "Rasch" all bad. And always alleged. "Freedom" is not. Around totalitarianism. "Liberal values" pissed away. As polymers. If there is something good, then it does not merit the power, and its omission did not have time to keep track of "intellectuals" and "people", which nedoglyadu and contrary to the will of "putena" sprovorili shit out of candy. Or at all, if anything good, it's from the USSR-s got to us. Or from Yeltsin. The legacy. Which is "poo" associates ineptly squandered.

2.2 Never Putin as well. Must use "puten" and synonyms. (See "Definitions and Terminology). With this, you emphasize your intelligence, which, no doubt, much higher intelligence interlocutor and Putin himself, emphasizing their determination to "go all the way", to "overthrow the dictatorship" putena. " And immediately earn points and prestige on the forums as a fearless, brave man desperate. After all, the secret police bloody dictator "Putler" anytime you calculate by ah-pee, lots of other scary words and rot in their bloody torture chambers. It is possible that after you have checked out. "Be brave, West will help you."

2.3 Try to use fewer digits, more talking generalities, such as (Enter any industry, even if the state power was not with it) falling apart. " If you give examples to refute this deep and only the right idea, feel free to fend off that really have not completely collapsed, and "falling apart." And it's true. Objects of the material world — the building, the property, the products tend to age and deteriorate. Entropy, you know …

2.4 If the figures are still eat and avoid Russian statistics — she initially false. If the statistics in Rush shows something bad, it is true, but understated in five to seven times. And the only bad because of all the "people" clear as day deplorable situation in the industry. So dire that even the "edrosnya" decided not to falsify the squiggle. To "the people" are not outraged at night and set fire to the dictator "putenu" The Kremlin and the Gorki-9.

2.5 If your opponent does not links — then call it unsubstantiated fabrications, confusion, delirium, unholy stupidity. If your opponent uses references — that he does not think with your head, believing "propagandonam of the Kremlin", zazombirovavshim it on the first channel. Good move. You will immediately give all understand that you are not with you, that a zombie. With the putrid smell, color accordingly, resulting in the cheeks eyes. Zazombirovannye what to take with them at all?

2.6 If you use statistics, remember that a leader can not be everywhere. Therefore, to prove that "all-nah-gone-rush-rolling-in-the-abyss" can take any chart, where Russia is not on the first lines and compare with the leading country table. I want to prove that the industry has collapsed — compare with China, that people get a little — with Saudi Arabia on ecology — from Mongolia, and so on and so forth.

2.7. Remember, statistics, even positive, can provide any comment. For example, take a common immigration and tsifrmy say that the left-that not all 10,000 people. It's really nonsense. Needless to say, that left the best minds, "10,000 top scientists," escaped from the bloody "poo." If you still bring positive statistics — just answer that this is not due to the leadership of the country, but in spite of that it makes "people", "intelligence", which is unable to bear the wretchedness of their hopeless and something's up and rivet solder tech night in the kitchen, looking at every creak in the night, can take away a bloody regime and its henchmen "Nashi".

2.8 If an opponent yet you press down some figures or facts, has great facilities. Say that he did not see with my own eyes. And only on the Internet or on a photo. If the opponent is seen with his own eyes-still new Russian roads, all the plants he just did not see. And if you've seen, which is unlikely, then did not see the Russian nuclear power and nuclear weapons, it is unlikely that he has access to those objects. And he would have to
agree that he did not see them. Every opponent is not seen — so they rusted and rotted. If the opponent is familiar with the animal, then in the military, he certainly will not fumbles, and if you still fumbles (not rolled), then there is still a lot of genera and species of troops, some in / hr Seek and ye shall find. In principle, the method of search you can transfer all kinds of industries in a row, any your opponent does not find that the right to object to it or get bored, but there just all "uzhosnah." So you win the dispute.

2.9 The opponent was more convincing? Your position is staggered? Rushed back to 2.1 and include a mantra — "In Rasch everything falls apart. Everything. Industry, science, education, health care. " In the end, the opponent will bother to refute the same. Once again you "won."

2.10 Do not forget to declare victory. It is advisable to mention the constant victory. Later, you can always insert a reminder of the "victory" in any subject, for example in the discussion of the fall of the satellite "Phobos-Grunt", about the fact that the "Bulava" did not fly. " Let your opponent again refutes and proves that the topic of pig he could not certify that the Russian pork satisfies 80% of the market, "Rashi", but only 3%.

2.11 Often say that only "scoops edrosnya, propagandony and other zazombirovannye" does not understand that "rush heading into the abyss", "puten-fucked-polymers", "industry-ruined." This will significantly reduce the ranks of possible opponents. Because of anyone who tries to argue, just molded this fruity label. To not smell, touch you will be trite to fear. That will come out that you are the "undefeated and dangerous" opponent for the "edrosovskih propagandonov."

2.12 Look for specific deficiencies and boldly accuse them mode "bloody putena." You peed in the morning in the stairwell? Any truly intelligent person is immediately clear — personally guilty "puten." Why? Who system ZHKZH "ruined"? No one in the evening and took away all the janitor? So what, and who is pissed? Drunk, cheap vodka perezhravshy. Perezhravshy because he can not tolerate the "brutal regime" and cheap vodka. After all, even the donkey is clear that the people of cheap vodka solder. That he did not see the scale of the tragedy. And the smell of crap entrance to the barricades is not helpful. Wine "putena" proved.

2.13 Remember that each person feels unappreciated. Use this sweet delusion. Start with petrodollars that stole personal "Putler" with his gang. Then announce that if they give corny, then everyone would be rich right away. Very, very rich. Who the fuck we must assume that we have the entire GDP of less than 500 rubles per person per year, while those "petrodollars" in times less? Or just "Ruban -" tiny wage in the country. " Any super-duper-menchandayzer, vparival Chinese junk fellow citizens clearly believes that he is "underpaid." He himself is not a nerd, this menchandayzer. So he needs a guilty person. Who? That's right! Here, Receive and sign — "Subtle puten." He "petrodollars" stolen and squandered. And they had inherited from the Soviet Union and Yeltsin got. Oh, Gorbachev and Yeltsin, Putin gained so much! And he only does that squanders.

Example — You sing the mantra of about 2.1 Collapsed industry and "the plight of the people." Villain — "And in Russia only in 2011 the" people "bought more than a million cars, who are poor, then?" Do not worry. Get together. Come to answer creatively. Remember the first. Russian statistics. So fake. (See § 2.4.)  The second. Russian industry has collapsed. (See section 2.1) So the people forced to buy foreign cars. (Yes, if reminded about the "reno" and other VSEVOLOZHSKY Fords "- which is to demons industry, so assembly plants!). (See chapter 2.7), then an ironic hint about plants WHA, think about showing off the accursed "putena" and start looking for the industry related to the automotive industry. One avtoVAa will be small. A branch in the language of spins. Road construction, ekarny bogeyman. That's it! Turn 2.8 "Methods." Then again, turn the mantra — "the road ruined." (Again, 2.1). Think about the pothole at the entrance (2.12). Immediately born conclusion — many machines to buy, because they often break down to "crumbling roads". Who is to blame? "Dictator Putler", who else! And you have an additional argument that this government deliberately robbing people! If you are using a method claim 26 and mention that per capita in the United States three times more cars — your position at all, "nepokobelima"! Coming back to Section 2.1, "things fall apart" and complete the 2.10 announcement of his landslide victory. It is mandatory between the lines scatter requirements pp 2.11, 2.13.

3. Conclusion.

Use Manuals active. Good luck in the vast headings, in proving the obvious fact that you, our inquisitive and principled activists live in complete And only then will lobotomy.

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