Many of our democratic activists live like beggars. For those who will go? ..

The authors of many messages that we get these days, alarmed and concerned by the obvious changes that have taken place in the public life of Belarus for several months after the presidential elections. The political thaw changed political as frost, economic stability — high inflation and tight monetary crisis. Prisons are filled with political prisoners, the last independent newspapers are facing a real threat of closure. A frightened massive price increases Belarusians weeks to stand in line at the bank to exchange their rubles at least for some stable currency. The wait is over time brings all the less useful, because neither the state nor the company nor the banks to change dollars and euros at the official exchange rate is clearly underestimated not collected.

Whither Belarus? Who should be responsible for the economic and political condition in which there was a state? And we are ready to Belarusians themselves to democratic change? Here's how to answer these questions our listener Mark Sannikov of Dobrush, from a letter which will start today's conversation. He writes:

"It is very strange to hear in the current environment that we live, it turns out," happy "," stable "and" safe "country. And problems — just because of what's around us — indecent, ruthless neighbors. In Russia, for example — "scumbags." In the Ukraine — "crummy" power. Well, and the West in general — "goats". And we are only in the middle of Europe — the most intelligent, the most honest, the most wealthy …

I sometimes ask you now virtually the only one in our area who speak about democracy. But what we have done for the sake of the democracy? This is despite the fact that the outside to support democratic reforms promised in 2011 about 120 million dollars. In other words, Dobrushskiy area in accordance with the number of people shall come around 504,000 dollars. But in fact, not likely to have nothing. Therefore, in our area in this case nothing is done and, most likely, nothing will will doXia in the near future.

Then I asked another question: "What are you doing personally to do this?" — Writes in his letter to the "Freedom" by Mark Sannikov of Dobrush. — And then my answer is too simple: "Nothing." I'm tired of explaining to people that I have the appropriate plans and even a few projects, but they have those promises virtual assistance is not always enough money and desire.

But in general, to be sure — well we live. We are waiting for evolutionary change for the better on the background of rapid degradation. If that rate continues, the democratization in the long term will not be for anyone to pursue. In our country, any significant political campaigns traditionally end prison sentences for dissidents. And all the other democratic activists live like beggars. And for those who will go?

And our people are really smart and patient. Well, in what other country could be such a tradition — to fill the prison yesterday's candidates for the top post in the state? And the people are silent, like mice under a broom. Outside the country is not even ashamed to admit that you — Belarusian. I would like to be a conductor of democracy in general, the chain, but it does not work in this circuit. And, apparently, will not soon light comes on democracy in the realm of fear and shadows. "

The notion that democratic change in Belarus is to bring someone from the outside, from abroad — quite common in Belarusian society. But democracy — is not an industrial enterprise and imported technology. It is impossible to drive outside the shelf and mount from prefabricated blocks. Changes in your own life, in the political system of the country must implement the Belarusians. A crucial role in this — only in them. To appear in the minds of the majority of the Belarusian society a strong belief that it is impossible to live on, it's time to make personal efforts to make the world around them to others — and then there will be changes. Moreover, regardless of whether there will be someone from the outside to help this process or not.

A share promised to support democracy, millions across regions, as if sowing or harvest — employment is useless, Mr. Sannikov. First, such aid is distributed not by the administrative-territorial units. And secondly, and scope, and spending time promised funds still remain unknown.

We continue to receive feedback and opinions on the consequences of the explosion on April 11 in Minsk metro, which has caused numerous deaths and injuries. When he learned that the government has already announced two days of solving the crime, our listener Nicholas Busel village of Dubrova Svetlahorsk area In his letter to the "Freedom" wrote:

"When we observe the frenetic activity around Lukashenko terrorist attack, it seems that it was he who in this case — the chief investigator, prosecutor and judge. This nebesstaronnyae superaktyvnae intervention actions allegedly independent branch of government raises the question: why is it so hard Lukashenko doing something that does not have much experience? The legality of such an intervention? Whether or not within its jurisdiction? (Not valid even such strong traditional stimulus, as spring planting season, the beginning of the battle for the harvest — it would seem, is his favorite subject.)

Blaming people that express their own opinions about what happened, "interference effect", and Lukashenko, and the authorities themselves have told different tales. How is that responsible officials can speak? Or they are not interested in a particular direction of the investigation?

Now triumphantly announced that those arrested confessed to all the explosions. We, of course, since the 30's know that the recognition — the queen of evidence. But it would be interesting to know whether there was not applied in this "technology" Kirov case, according to which provided "for cases of enemies of the people". "Authorities" are the same.

Something I highly doubt all this. (By the way, and I'm not alone.)

While there is no evidence — these doubts will remain.

Signature: Nicholas Busel, People listener. The village of Dubrova Svetlahorsk area. "

The fact that Alexander Lukashenko pays close attention to the case, surprisingly, Nikolai Ivanovich, no: the tragedy caused such a stir in the community, that the head of the country had to take the investigation under his personal control. Another thing, what was ahead of the investigation and trial, after only two days to claim that the real culprits were caught and the case is solved? It is not surprising that such haste has caused many distrust, doubt and suspicion. Especially after, as the government began to brutally persecute those who ventured into the pages of the independent media to express their own version of the attack, other than the official interpretation.

On why was the possibility of an explosion, or due consideration is given to the authorities the issue of security, says in his letter to the "Freedom" is our long-time author Igor asleep from Vitebsk. He writes:

"I completely agree with the president that the tragic events of April 11 of the blame falls on the government, officials, many of whom are indifferent to the execution of their duties.

I, for one, has long called attention to the potential danger that lies in the organization of the crowded discos, concerts at Victory Square in our Vitebsk. On this occasi
on, there are even expert conclusions of the Emergencies Ministry, which stated that there is no proper underground passages razmezhavalnyh parapet, and tiles on the floor slippery. It may just happen crush, like the one that led to numerous deaths 12 years ago in Nyamiha in Minsk. Indifference to safety is simply amazing. What it human life? The main thing — their own ambition, lust for power.

I asked about this in the Attorney General's Office — that there appropriately responded to the inaction of the authorities of Vitebsk. "

Not only officials and many ordinary citizens of Belarus to the security problems have recently taken lightly and condescending. Considered: because Belarus has no ethnic and religious conflicts, so where will the terrorists? The explosion on April 11 caused many to reconsider this relationship.

Almost every day, watching as people in front of the Minsk metro obediently stopped at the police to show the contents of their bags. Not seen a case that someone was grumbling and swearing about it. As result of the disappearance of the benches at most of the Minsk metro. Although the elderly and the disabled to do without these benches is not easy (especially in the evening when the train has to wait for quite a long time).

At the end — a letter of response, a letter of wishes from our old friend and loyal listener Kanata Masalkova from Minsk. Reflecting on his own years of experience listening to the "Freedom", Ms Lina writes:

"With you, we are stronger, bolder, more intelligent. And the better! Let not leave you courage, kindness, love and respect for the audience! And thank you very much for your charity, for the love and respect between us (with one hand — the listeners, readers, and on the other — svabodavtsami) — Mutual. Many books and CDs, which are issued in the last decade, "Freedom", was lucky to get or get any other way. And what else will come out, would love to have. I dream about the disc "White-headed Duck and Grisha," about the book "100 addresses of Liberty" and "migratory birds". A "Bordeaux Freedom" already have.

Without the "Freedom" — the existence, not life! "

Thank you, Mrs. Lina, for those warm heartfelt words. "Freedom" continues its publishing projects. The most notable transfer come in the form of books in the series "Library of Liberty" and written to disk. As in many previous years, and the books and CDs, we will send a small gift as a longtime friend, the author of the most interesting posts.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to write on "Freedom." Write to us, previous address: Minsk-5, mailbox one hundred and eleventh

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