Marieluise Beck: Sannikov facing unprecedented penalty

Such a statement in connection with the sentence, which will soon be submitted to the former presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov, made a member of the Bundestag Marieluise Beck:
"In the months to come Minsk adventurous litigation of participants in the protests against electoral fraud in the presidential election. There are many compelling body of evidence that the violence was committed by pro-government agents provocateurs. As the candidates themselves as organizers explicitly called for peaceful protests. "
As the Marieluise Beck, now activists who had no relation to the pogroms intended absurd punishment — imprisonment up to four and a half years in maximum security prisons.
The MP said the German parliament, it is obvious that Andrei Sannikov — "thorn in the eye of Alexander Lukashenko," but because trial it could end up particularly dramatic verdict. In Europe today, there is no country where there has been such an unprecedented legal arbitrariness in regard to any principles of democracy and European values, emphasizes Marieluise Beck.
On Last week representative fraction green Marieluise Beck announced the sponsorship of Andrei Sannikov, a campaign of political and moral support to prisoners taken by the human rights organization "Libereco".

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