Marine Ka-52K

Purchase of the Government of the Russian Federation, the French ships, helicopter carriers "Mistral" creates a number of new features combat use of the Russian Ka-52, which for several years was released as a "series" and is produced by the "Progress" in Arsenyev (Primorsky Krai). Recently it became known that the designers of this project began to develop naval modification Ka-52, which can be a full-time aircraft helicopter.

Combat helicopter transport ship "Mistral"

Ship calculation BTKV "Mistral" includes 160 sailors, the ship can accommodate 450 passengers in addition. The contract on the delivery of two Russian Navy ships of the "Mistral" was signed with France June 17, 2011. The first such ship will arrive at the disposal of the Russian Navy in 2014.

The contract to supply the Air Force in Russia

Firstborn lineup Ka-52 "Alligator" — a follower of the conceptual model of the Ka-50, known as "Black Shark", was a helicopter that flew in July 2008. At the end of last year ended Stage II state joint flight performance tests.

The history of the formation of the Ka-52

In early 2012, the Ka-52 was delivered to the Russian Air Force. More than a dozen helicopters are at the Center for the deployment and retraining crews in Torzhok, 8 more pieces of equipment are on combat duty in the Chernihiv air base in Primorye. During the training sessions helicopters are utilized in military exercises, activities, coordination of units in combat, in the classroom for LTUBS fulfill fire training exercises with the use of 30-mm guns and Nursey. In his interview with the "Expert Online» representative of the department of public relations of the AAC "Progress" Alex Sukonkin said that in the early fall of last year, representatives of the Defense Ministry agreed to a contract for the supply of more than 140 helicopters Ka-52 up to and including 2020 with the Managing Director " progress "Yury Denisenko. The contract granted the status of an official document.

Prospects for implementation of the Ka-52K

Mast modification flying machine, called the Ka-52K must be collected, verified and tested by mid-2014. Just at that time the Pacific Fleet will arrive first copies of the "Mistral". By the way, in the early years of the Russian Navy Commander Admiral Vladimir Vysotsky said that the first two helicopter landing ship dock of the "Mistral" will receive the name of "Sevastopol" and "Vladivostok". It is planned that each "Mistral" will be equipped with 8 helicopters Ka-52K and eight combat vehicles Ka-29 (maritime transport-combat helicopter — a worthy successor to the Ka-27).

In October 2011 in the waters of the Barents Sea have been conducted tactical flight tests, "Gator" with the mandatory landing and taking off from the deck of the ship. Fighting vehicle has successfully passed all the LTI. In the processing of exercises used aboard BOD "Vice-Admiral Kulakov". It is assumed that the ship's version of "Alligator" will be structurally modified, in this case will be made by folding rotor blades and wings. Fighting vehicle will be further equipped with inflatable ballonets in case of forced water landing, air conditioning in the cabin. Also combat helicopter will be adapted to operate in sea conditions, including the necessary equipment will be held weapons systems for the conduct of naval warfare. Is also expected to re-surface missile combat vehicle.

The increase in functional Ka-52K affected quite successful construction of the helicopter. In naval combat vehicle modifications expanded range of applications both managed and unmanaged types of weapons, made possible performance of combat duty around the clock and in any weather. Ka-52K, in contrast to the "Black Shark" Ka-50, is already established in a double version, the crew of the pilot and the operator is that in certain situations, can complement each other.

As the Ka-52 helicopter version of the ship is equipped with armor protection and improved system bailout, which is what sets it apart from other fighting vehicles of this type.

Description of the ship's helicopter K-52K

Tactical mission naval helicopter K-52K — the destruction of armored and unarmored ground and sea targets, enemy personnel and air targets. It has been released. The helicopter crew consists of two people fighting vehicle cruising speed reaches 250 km / h, the practical range up to 520 km.

Autumn tests on K-52K SF as a fighting machine shipborne yielded positive results. All 4 BTKV "Mistral" will take on board the ship "Alligators."

Martial Ka-52 "Alligator" and Ka-29 before placement on the "Mistral" will take the necessary modernization and retooling. In view of combat duty in marine spaces of our country in the ship's helicopter K-52K will be reinforced chassis, which was designed to create a use for land combat vehicle.

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