Marine Yard Diamond launched the next patrol boat project Sable


September 1, 2011 on the territory of "Almaz Marine Yard" (St. Petersburg) held Launching border patrol boat (serial number 213) Project 12200 "Sable" for the Border Service of the Russian Federation.

The boat is used for Coast Guard search and rescue operations, the protection of marine resources, patrol and customs operations. This year is the third boat, which is preparing for the tests, the company reports. Previous boats serial number 211 and delivered to the customer serial number 212 after acceptance testing transported to the permanent stationing of Vladivostok.

Boat hull and superstructure are made of high-strength aluminum alloy. To improve traction and enhance the speed boat has bow and stern self-managed spoilers.


boat length — 27.96 m,
width — 5.82 m,
Total displacement — 58.5 m,
Maximum speed — 50 knots,
the autonomy of the passengers on board — 3 days
crew — 9 people.


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